Voice of Tarleton sports falls silent

Clifford Jones / Visual Media Editor

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For years, Tarleton State athletic events have been called on the radio by the energetic voice of Dr. Ron Newsome, aka, the Sports Doctor. Newsome was found dead in his home Tuesday evening.

Tarleton State remains in a state of shock after the sudden death of Dr. Newsome. “He was the voice of the Texans and that’s something that we won’t ever be able to replace,” said Ross Bagienski, Sports Information Director.

Before becoming the “voice of the Texans,” Newsome was Tarleton’s athletic director. That’s where he first fell in love with the coaches and student athletes. Since then he did everything he could to try and promote them. “It was a very selfless act for him to do that,” Bagienski said. “He just did it because he loved the games and he loved the student athletes.”

Throughout his time at Tarleton, Newsome made countless friends through his personality and his willingness to help anyone in need. “No matter who he talks to or what he’s talking about, he’s got something to say,” said Bagienski. “He was very personable, very friendly, very loud and very outgoing. Anytime we asked him to do anything he was willing and able to help us out in promoting Tarleton athletics.”

Newsome was able to call games as smoothly as if he knew all of the players and coaches. This is because he actually did. [Newsome] was a master of his craft and he had years of experience doing it,” said Bagienski. “He took a lot of time off air to get to know the student athletes and coaches and do research to give an entertaining broadcast for the sporting event.”

The Stephenville and Tarleton community has grown accustomed to hearing Dr. Newsome’s voice while listening to Tarleton State athletic events on KSTV and it will likely take time for those who followed the Texans and TexAnns to get used to not hearing his quick and excited voice over the radio.

“He was a great guy and I consider him a friend,” Bagienski said. “We had a lot of conversations in our travels and he will be sorely missed.”