Hearne hits 1000

Coach Hearne celebrating with his team after a home victory.

Coach Hearne celebrating with his team after a home victory.

Clifford Jones / Visual Media Editor

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Head Tarleton TexAnn basketball coach Ronnie Hearne hit a milestone in the coaching profession when he obtained his 1000th career victory.

The TexAnns were facing Eastern New Mexico in Portales N.M. when they won in a strenuous 78–70 outcome. “There was a lot of relief [when we won],” Hearne said. “We played a tough team in Portales. It was a tough game and I guess that makes it a little more rewarding when you play a hard game like that and win it.”

In the years that Hearne has been coaching at colleges, he has ammassed many impressive achievements including conference titles in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 2002 at Cisco Junior College.

When he first started coaching, Hearne never expected to reach this point in his career. “I really thought I’d be retired by now,” Hearne said with a wondering look. However, he does not expect to reach any other milestones, such as 1500 victories, in his lifetime.

With all of the success that his career has yielded over the years, Hearne cannot remember his first victory. However, it is a safe bet that he won’t soon forget his 1000th. “I hope I never forget it [his 1000th victory],” Hearne said. “I hope I don’t get dementia or Alzheimer’s and forget this.”

For Hearne, perhaps the best part about getting to this point in his career is being able to do it at Tarleton. “Getting 1000 with this team made it more special because this is a special team, a special group of coaches and a special group of young ladies,” said Hearne. “They’re the very best and it’s nice to be able to do it with a team like this.”

Hearne is approaching his 30th year in coaching and his ninth year as a Tarleton coach.