Portfolium: Tarleton’s newest asset to get students hired

Rachel Crawford, Managing Editor

On August 18, Portfolium, a portfolio program for Tarleton State University students, went live.

Portfolium will create an ePortfolio where students are able to upload their resumes and any works they have created. Recruiters and companies will then have direct access to the portfolios.

In the Portfolium network, students will showcase their academic and professional accomplishments in a digital format. Students are then directly connected to companies, recruiters, internships and jobs based on their achievements, talent and work.

Portfolium will replace Chalk and Wire, which allowed faculty to assess student learning outcomes to a specific program while also presenting a student’s work.

“The previous tool performed well with tracking student learning outcomes, but the student ePortfolio aspect left much to be desired,” Project Lead, Justin Carrell, said.

Tarleton decided to seek out a product that showcased students’ work. This is where Portfolium came in.

“We at Portfolium believe that students have more to show than the traditional resume which does not fully capture their abilities and achievements,” Troy Markowitz, Vice President of University Development, Portfolium, said in a press release.

After logging in to Portfolium, students can upload any work they have made, display volunteer hours, list different skills and more. This tool is also available free of charge to students for life. Meaning, after graduation, students are free to share their Portfolium with potential employees.

While on Portfolium, users will be able to search through talent across all fields of study, connect with students from other schools and find friends and classmates.

Students have control over the privacy of their entries on their portfolio, so they can choose who gets to see what parts of their portfolio.

Once students set up their ePortfolio, they will have access to more than 40,000 recruiters. Students can also directly apply to jobs at major companies such as Disney, Nike, Google and more.

“I hope this platform gets our students to think about the activities and work they are doing and how they can assist them later on when searching for a career,” Carrell says.

Currently, there is not a component for alumni to join, but there are plans to roll out that feature at a future date.

To access your ePortfolio go to http://portfolios.tarleton.edu.