Brady Parum: the newest Texan Rider

Kristen Bowman, Contributor

Tarleton State University has a new Texan Rider in Brady Parum and she is ready to keep the traditions rolling. Parum, a senior from Vernon, Texas is ready to saddle up with her horse, Lady, to lead the Texan football team.

“Being the Texan Rider is definitely an honor. I really had no idea how big of a deal it was until all of my friends and people I didn’t even know started coming up to me saying ‘hey you are the Texan Rider? Can I take a picture with you?’” Parum said.

“So, it’s different. I have never been in a position where it’s me, just me. Normally I’m on a team. So it’s an honor and it feels so good.”

Parum is a second generation Tarleton Texan, with both of her parents being Tarleton alumni.

“I didn’t even consider another school; I fell in love with the beautiful campus,” Parum said.

Parum stated that, “The plan is to have me lead the football team through the tunnel with the cheerleaders beside me.”

While all of the plans are being made possible, they might not all be together by the time of the next game. Parum will be standing near the cheerleaders trying to get the crowd pumped. Her job also includes cheering on the Texans and waving the Tarleton flag when the team scores.

The Texan Rider attends all Tarleton athletic events supporting the teams, but Lady will not be in attendance of all athletic events.

Parum explained that her horse Lady, who is 22 years-old, will be wearing rubber boots to help prevent damage to the field.

“I’m working with Lady to make sure that when the cannon goes off, Lady will not be spooked, Parum said.

In preparation along with her father, Parum will be firing a gun near Lady to help her adjust to the noise.

Parum feels that she already knows what it will take to be the Texan Rider, which is not a position to take lightly. Parum explained that some of the struggles with coordinating everything is that they have to be on the same page with the band, the football team, the cheerleaders and the Purple Poo.

“I will be the face of the Texan Rider and that comes with great responsibility. It’s a lot of work, so we may not even have Lady out this weekend. However, we will have her out on the future,” said Parum.

Parum is also involved on many organizations on campus such as; Collegiate FFA, Block and Bridle and Alpha Omicron Pi.

“I was an only child and I was used to having everything handed to me. But through college and my organizations I have learned that giving feels great,” Parum said.

Parum also wanted to thank her roommate, Cierra Mouton, for talking her into auditioning to be a Texan Rider.

“I want people to know that they can approach me and ask me for a picture,” stated Parum.

Finally, Parum shared some important information about being the Texan Rider. Parum explained that the Texan Rider is not part of the Plowboys or the cheerleaders. While they work closely together, Parum’s role is separate.

She believes she will excel as the Texan Rider and inspire students in the process.Brady Parum Kristen BowmanBrady ParumKristen BowmanBrady ParumKristen Bowman