Changes made to intramural softball and flag football

Taylor Ozuna, Contributor

In addition to the construction of the new residence halls, a turf field has replaced the intramural grass field. According to Robert Nimmo, Director of Recreational Sports, the new turf field cost approximately $2.1 million.

The new field is equipped to support rugby, soccer, lacrosse and football. The field lines going north and south are fitted for rugby, lacrosse and soccer. The east and west lines are readied for football. Brown turf outlining the field will be used as a walking track. According to Nimmo, the field is said to seat about 300 people.

An exact date for when construction will be complete has not been released because of weather pushing the date back 4-5 weeks. Currently, the intramural field is open to intramural sports only. It is expected to open up for students in the future after construction is complete. The grass field is currently open for students if needed.

“We hope to implement a swipe-in system to the Rec Sports for entrance to the turf field,” Nimmo said.

The set hours of operation have not yet been established, but when they are set, there will be a sign displayed outside the fields. The field will also be under lock and key when not in use by Rec Sports or students. Until the fields are officially open, students can attend scheduled intramural games.

Earlier this semester, intramural softball was canceled, which is due to the new turf field undergoing construction according to Nimmo.

The decision was made because there would only be two fields eligible for play, because part of the third field was undergoing construction. The construction not only affected softball, but also flag football. Flag football has pushed their season start date back by three weeks due to the construction.

The cancelation of fall softball intramurals was made by Nimmo, along with his associate director and staff. Fortunately, the cancelation is only temporary. According to Nimmo, softball intramurals will return in the spring.

“As of right now,” Nimmo said, “there should be no further cancelations of intramural sports due to construction.”