Another Resource in the Parking Office


Kristen Bowman, Contributor

While there are many resources to help Tarleton State University students, there is one that most people do not realize is there. It is a myth that all the Parking Services office does is give tickets. The Parking Office does a lot more than students realize.

“Just come talk to me,” Jessica Hadley, Administrative Assistant, said.

“Most people put off their tickets, like their school work. If the students would come talk to me about their tickets, it would be so much better than putting it off. I have been there, I have done that and I try to work with students because you [students] should not have to work hard and pay out the nose because of tickets. Come to me to educate you!”

While Hadley cannot simply wave all tickets, she can help students learn how to avoid tickets and possibly help students wave the late fees, in certain occasions. However, there is much more to her job than just dealing with tickets.

Hadley also issues the Proxy Cards for teachers, helps reserve parking lots, answers questions and more. With all of these responsibilities, she reports that the job can be tough. One of the most difficult encounters she has is when students try to lie.

“Students do not lie often, but when they do the lies are whoppers,” claimed Hadley. “This upsets me because when students lie, it shows poor choices that could lead over into later on in life.”

Hadley explained that she would much rather help students when they are honest with her because then she knows that she is doing her job well. When students lie about their tickets, they are trying to cheat the system.

“The best part of this job for me is when a student comes in the office and is having a hard day and I am able to help them,” said Hadley. “Sometimes, when I am able to help a student, there are tears of relief and I am thrilled because I was able to help.”

One of the main reasons that Hadley feels she has such an impact on students is because of her role model, her mother. She taught Hadley to not judge other people by their race, appearance, or sexual orientation. With all of the devotion and spirit, Hadley has for her family it is easy to see why she is so great at Tarleton. She truly wants to make the office a better place.

“We laugh all the time in this office,” expressed Hadley. “I think that I have the greatest impact on the student workers and coworkers. I try to bring humor in to the office to make it a funnier place.”

In addition, Hadley pointed out several other important people in the Parking Office. One of them is Chief of Police Matt Welch. Welch explained some of the important facts that many students do not know, such as; last year they gave students three citations and then a boot. However, this year they are allowing five citations and then the car gets towed.

“We looked all around town for the cheapest towing,” Welch said. “The cheapest cost we found was $150. We wanted to find the cheapest because we know that students do not have a whole lot of money. Also, parking in the Dairy Queen Lot costs around $250 to be towed. Over in the Century Link lot is about $220 and in the apartment complex across from Integrity is not school property and it costs $200.”

Another important person in the office is Nelda Moore, the Program Coordinator. She explained that their job is not to be mean or get more money out of students. The people in the Parking Office do not make the rules, they simply enforce them.

“Our main goal is to help students,” explained Moore. “We are just people who want to help others.”

Another way that Hadley is working with students is by decorating the office. Hadley described the ideas that she has for this upcoming year. For example, last year the office was decorated for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Hadley said that they are planning on doing it again this year. One of the most successful ideas they had was in the Easter decoration. They placed eggs in a basket and students could pick an egg and possibly win half off a ticket and other cool prizes.

Other fun experience in the office, Hadley says, includes the items that have been turned into the lost and found. One example was someone lost their retainer and the student came to get it, or when a motorized scooter was turned in.

“All of the funny and different items all give us a good laugh,” giggled Hadley. “My mantra is: Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Come talk to us and let us be the resource that can help you!”