Senior Athlete Spotlight: Luiza Ferraro-Adas


Ashton Mason

Haley Smith, Contributor

Luiza Ferraro-Adas is a senior on the Tarleton State University tennis team from Sao Paulo, Brazil. After graduating from Colegio Avaneo in 2012, Luiza came to Tarleton to play tennis. During her freshman season, she won nine of her first 10 career singles matches, including wins over nationally ranked St. Mary’s University, St. Edward’s University and Southwest Baptist University. During her sophomore season in 2014, Luiza was named Lone Star Conference Sportsmanship Player of the Year.

JTAC: “What do you plan to do after graduation?”

“I am going to start looking at schools here in the United States, outside of Texas, so I can get to know different cultures. I plan to get a job so that will help pay for my classes,” said Adas.

JTAC: “What made you decide to play tennis?”

Adas: “I started playing tennis when I was seven. I think it was a big influence because my sister, my dad, both my grandfathers and several other people in my family played [tennis]. I have always been competitive as a child growing up around everyone playing, so I decided to try out here and made it!”

JTAC: “What is your favorite memory from playing tennis?”

Adas: “For me, the matches that I don’t let myself get defeated by my mind. Tennis is a very mental game along with physical and whenever you realize you have negative thoughts or outside thoughts that do not matter about the game I’ve learned how to control it and the outcome from the result of doing that is my favorite. Last conference, against Midwestern State University, that was really satisfying memory as well.”

JTAC: “When you have free-time what is your favorite thing to do?”

Adas: “I love to be an athlete. So I play soccer, or go to the gym and attend a random Rec Center class. I love to write and listen to music. I sometimes take a notebook and walk around campus and find a quiet spot to not really meditate but sort of because I write about myself and what I am feeling.”

JTAC: “If you could change one thing about your experience what would it be?”

Adas: “I would not change anything. Things happen for a reason for us to learn, the beginning of my career my confidence was broken down because of technical issues, but I would not be the person I am today without it. Even with my psychology, I wouldn’t be able to understand people who have similar issues without going through it. I just become better and better with each experience. I wouldn’t change a thing, because with every mistake, I learn a lesson and take something from each one.”

JTAC: “What personal accomplishments do you think you have achieved up till now?”

Adas: “Moving to a different country, learning a new language, making new friends, and being more open-minded and listening to others has been an accomplishment for me. I learned so much from coming here, without a doubt is a huge accomplishment. I also received the Iron-Texan prize in my sophomore year.”

JTAC: “How do you get hyped up (prepared) for a match?”

Adas: “As a team, we all warm-up together, and after we hang out together and practice our yell. After we finish as a team, I don’t listen to music, but prepare myself mentally in silence.”

JTAC: “What’s your favorite color?”

Adas: “Orange!”