Marissa Peña: Tarleton Ambassador President


Kristen Bowman, Contributor

Marissa Peña, president for the Tarleton Ambassadors, is very excited for homecoming at Tarleton State University.

“I love everything about homecoming!” exclaimed Peña.

Peña is involved in many organizations on campus. She has been involved in Sigma Alpha, Tarleton Ambassadors, Tarleton Educators for the Advancement of Mathematics, Tarleton Transition Mentor and Student Government Association.

“This is one event that I am really excited for,” claimed Peña about her favorite event, the Silver Bugle Hunt. “I have gotten to see it from the other side by being a part of it, but by being the ones who put on Silver Bugle hunt, it’s really exciting because you get to see what goes into making this event and seeing how excited people get. It’s cool because not a lot of people get to see what goes into it. I like to see the building of an event.”

Peña is also heavily involved in the official homecoming T-shirt sale through the Tarleton Ambassadors. The T-shirts will be sold in front of the dining hall, at the tailgate, at the game and more.

“We try to sell them at an affordable price so that everyone can connect to the university,” Peña said.

Homecoming is considered an important time for the Tarleton Texans because it is a time for the university to come together to celebrate a common event. Peña explained that this week is her favorite because everyone is happy and excited about the different events.

“I think that homecoming for us is the most wonderful time of the year,” stated Peña.

In addition, Peña explained that while she loves homecoming, she mainly loves being a student at Tarleton. Her favorite professor on campus is Dr. Michael Hawke because of his funny personality.

Peña is excited because this is not her last homecoming. She will be graduating in the December of 2017. She plans to be involved for the rest of her Tarleton experience and is grateful to her sister who showed her Tarleton.

“Tarleton is so friendly and has such a beautiful campus,” noted Peña. “I just love homecoming!”