Kelsey Goodwin crowned Homecoming Queen


Kelsey Goodwin was crowned the 2016 Tarleton State University Homecoming Queen. Goodwin is a senior Kinesiology major from Rockwall, Texas.

“Through being a Tarleton Transition Mentor (TTM), I have gotten to know people and show them who I really am without a mask. I always try to be at events,” Goodwin said.

Through all of her involvement, Goodwin has been able to meet many students and professors on campus. She has been involved with the school by going to the games of the various sports teams, being a TTM, cheerleader, and Alpha Gamma.

Goodwin said her favorite classes on campus are her education classes, because she gets to go out and teach, which she says is fun and educational. With her education from Tarleton, Goodwin’s dream job is to be an athletic coach and teach high school science. She was inspired to do this by one of her own teachers, Bianca Jenkins.

“She made everything made sense in relation to the real world,” claimed Goodwin. “I think the world needs more teachers like her.”

Two other people who had an impact of in Goodwin’s life are her parents. Debbie and Dale Goodwin have been together for 30 years. Goodwin explained that they are best friends and did what they needed to do to make their children comfortable. Goodwin explained that it inspires her to want to be with someone for so long, which is not easy.

In addition, Lathes Towns, also known as Mama T the Director of Transitions and Family Relatons, has majorly benefited Goodwin’s experience at Tarleton. Towns is an active member of the Tarleton family and impacts.

“Mama T represents the positivity and impact that I want to give people,” admitted Goodwin. “She is always greeting everyone with a smile and reminding them that they are loved. That’s how I want to impact people.”

There are many places that Goodwin loves around Tarleton. Her favorite locations are the E.J. Howell Education Building and the Band Stand at Heritage Park. Her favorite homecoming traditions include; the Bonfire and the Yell Contest.

“I like the family feeling, the traditions the welcoming of alumni, the welcoming of everyone, whether you are a freshman or alumni,” Goodwin said.

Another love of Goodwin’s is the Tarleton Core Values. Her favorite value is service because it makes Tarleton special. Goodwin explained that everyone should strive to serve others and give back to organizations that have already given people so much.

Goodwin hopes to have a positive impact on her peers. She wants to be a good friend, mentor and someone that people can turn to.