Student Spotlight – Katelyn Vinson


Kristen Bowman, Contributor

Katelyn Vinson was the 2016 winner of JTAC News’ Homecoming Instagram contest. In winning the contest, Vinson was awarded a student spotlight.

“My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week” Vinson said. “I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.”

Vinson is grateful to her parents for her being at Tarleton. Her parents are a cornerstone in her life. Vinson’s role model is her mother because she has five children and is still always happy.

“She is the most selfless person that I have ever met,” said Vinson. “I do not understand how she is still sane with five children. She is super woman! I do not know when she sleeps!”

Vinson is from North Richland Hills and is the eldest child who deeply loves her family.

Vinson said she selected Tarleton because it was the perfect nursing school and had heard many good things about the campus. She originally wanted to major in nursing,  but found her stride in Business Administration. Her dream job is to be an event planner.

“I absolutely love it,” Vinson said. “It is like second nature to me.”

Vinson is now a senior who is expecting to graduate in August of 2017.

She has been involved in many organizations, including; Tarleton Transition Mentor, Delta Phi Epsilon, women’s lacrosse, and Residential Leader at Heritage.

Vinson said her favorite professors are Dr. Marcy Tanter, Professor of Microeconomics, and Dr. Andrew Boyer, Professor of History, because of their lively personalities and excellent teaching skills. Her favorite classes are her Economics classes because they make sense to her.

“It is so interesting how the world works. Whether it is micro or macro, it all the same concept. I like that it is all the same worldwide,” explained Vinson.

Vinson explained that when she first came to Tarleton, she did not think that she would be good enough to do many of the things that she does today. However, through getting involved and meeting new people, she has learned that she is good enough to do whatever she puts her mind to.

In addition, Vinson says that for all students, whether they are incoming freshman, seniors or alumni, there is always room for everyone at Tarleton.

Finally, Vinson gave a shout out to her best friend Meghan Chrismer for taking the picture of her at the Homecoming Bonfire that was entered into the contest. Chrismer and Vinson have been friends for several years and have still kept in contact with each other even though Chrismer has already graduated.

Vinson acknowledged that she is motivated by the other people around campus who are also doing good things. She is proud of the experience she has had here and the person she has become.