Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Lempeotis


Kristen Bowman, Contributor

Elizabeth Lempeotis, senior who plans on graduating in December, was nominated for JTAC’s Student Spotlight. Lempeotis originally planned to go to Texas A&M, however, once she got to Tarleton, she knew it was the place for her.

“I really like Tarleton because I graduated with 25 people,” explained Lempeotis. “I was used to a small school and Tarleton made me feel at home.”

Lempeotis plans to graduate with a degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations and Event Management. With this degree, she hopes to be able to plan and coordinate events. After she graduates, she will be a student in Tarleton’s Master’s Program and will be working in the Student Engagement office.

Lempeotis is involved in many activities, such as; president of the Student Event Planners Association, a manager at Sonic, helps coordinate the Central Texas Wedding Exposition, and works in the Office of Student Engagement. In her free time, she enjoys concerts, traveling and the zoo. From all of her interests, activities and jobs, Lempeotis has an important message for her fellow students.

“Doing hard work, even if it is not paid, will pay off in the end,” said Lempeotis. “Basically, all this work that you do for classes may seem like it is going nowhere, but professors notice how hard you work. In the end, working hard can help you get jobs in your future.”

Lempeotis says she has learned many life lessons from her role model, her great-uncle Richard. He is 92 years-old and has spent his life giving to others and putting others before himself, seeing hard workers inspires her to do better.

“Everyone who I look up to is a hard worker, but they don’t just work hard, they also care about people. They take the time out of their day to think about others,” explained Lempeotis.

Lempeotis’ favorite Tarleton Core Values are service and leadership.

“Personally, I think that all of the core values are good because every university has them, but I feel like Tarleton does a good job at actually getting students to participate,” Lempeotis said.

Lempeotis gave a shout out to all her Tarleton friends, but especially the ones she has in the PREM program.

“They are so nice to me!” exclaimed Lempeotis. “The communication studies really builds me up. I think that they are the reason that I am successful.”

“I just started to think that I have an impact on others,” claimed Lempeotis. “I am a behind the scenes person. I do not like to be the face of things, but recently it has come to my attention that I am more of an impactful person than I thought.”