Overcrowding: An urgent issue at Erath County Humane Society

Klaire Brock, Contributor

Erath County’s Humane Society is seeking urgent help after receiving an influx of dogs causing them to exceed their capacity. They are currently a low-kill shelter, meaning they do not euthanize animals for space. The shelter’s policy is to not euthanize any animal deemed to be adoptable and/or trainable. However, maintaining this policy is not possible without immediate community involvement.

Summertime has proven to have much higher shelter intakes due to animal birthing season as well as a time when families move, and some families chose to relinquish their pets rather than take them with them.  In addition, with vacation schedules fewer families chose to take on a new pet. This equation has put the shelter way over capacity and at risk of needing to euthanize adoptable pets.

The Shelter is asking for immediate help from the Stephenville community. They are in need of cleaning supplies, volunteers and, most importantly, forever homes for the dogs and cats. If interested in volunteering, go in person to fill out an application.

Potential adopters must be 18 years or older, have a valid ID and fill out an adoption application. It will cost $50 – $75 to adopt a dog based on whether the dog has previously been spayed or neutered.  Adopting a kitten is $10 and an adult cat is $30. The Erath County Humane Society is located at 891 East Rd.