Coach proposes after gender reveal at game

Mitch Patino, Contributor

On September 9, Tarleton State University won their first home game against Oklahoma Panhandle State University. After the victorious win, Marc Martinez, Assistant Football Coach, had a surprise up his sleeve.

Martinez brought his girlfriend, Lacie Metts, Texan Stars Strength Coach, to the center of the field where a box was waiting with all their friends and family that had the words ‘Baby Martinez?’ on the front with pink and blue football helmets.

Martinez and Metts grabbed the box and opened it with excitement. As soon as the box opened, pink balloons flew out family and friends shouted “It’s a girl!”

Everyone thought the celebration was over when Martinez pointed behind Metts and told her to look. While she was turned, Martinez got down on one knee while all the onlookers started cheering.

Courtesy of Lacie Metts’ Facebook

“Will you marry me?” Martinez asked, while Metts’ turned around, shock evident on her face. She nodded ‘yes’ and the two embraced.

“We had our first home game against OPSU and I was mainly focusing on the game and getting my guys ready to play. It was tough not to think about everything that was going on Saturday, knowing that I would be doing the baby reveal and proposing to Lacie shortly after the game,” Martinez said.

“Overall I was focused throughout the game and when the final buzzer went off is when I truly started to get nervous about the situation. Funny thing is that I really didn’t have a plan going into it all, all I knew is that I wanted to have it in the middle of the field. Crazy to see how many people showed up including our loved ones and close friends. When I finally saw her after the game in the end zone, she was already tearing up because of all the love we were getting from everyone being there”

Metts said she was secretly hoping that the proposal would happen that night.

“I had really hoped that Marc would propose that night because we were surrounded by our loved ones. Honestly, it would have been the most convenient time,” Metts said.

“However, Marc did a great job making me think he wasn’t going to propose until 2018, so I was shocked when I saw him on one knee. It was truly a magical night for me! We found out we are having a baby girl and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him!”

Martinez said it was an amazing feeling seeing all their friends and family that were there.

“It all turned out better than expecting; then again, I wasn’t real sure how things would turn out in the first place,” Martinez said. “My thoughts in my head afterwards was like, ‘wow, how truly blessed we both were with my family driving in from Waco, and all her family driving in from Oklahoma City. It was a great feeling that we had knowing our baby girl was so loved already. It was definitely a night I’ll never forget.”

“I was extremely excited to have my entire family here from Oklahoma to help us celebrate the reveal of Marc and I’s first child,” Metts said. “When I saw everyone that came to support us, I was overwhelmed with tears. We are blessed to have so many caring friends and family members. Our baby girl is already so loved!”