Tarleton prepares for Board of Regents visit

Klaire Brock, Contributor

As many of us know, there are numerous projects going on at Tarleton State University, like the construction on Lillian Street, building of the new engineering building and other beautification projects on the campus. Some of the beautification projects around campus include putting in new light posts, painting hand railing, power washing the buildings and sidewalks and much more.

The reason behind the beautification process is to make the university as hospitable as possible for the A&M System Board of Regents visit this week. The Board of Regents is a group of nine regular voting members and one student non-voting member who are appointed by the Governor.

Their job is to “oversee the administration and set policy direction for the System’s 11 universities and seven state agencies; Ensure a quality undergraduate and graduate education experience for all students; Promote academic research and technology to benefit the state of Texas and the nation […]; and Support the state legislative and higher education leadership to position Texas at the forefront of higher education nationally,” according to the Board of Regents website.

The university is expecting over 100 guests during the Board of Regents meeting and surrounding events.

Specific projects include “installing additional landscaping, cleaning the Barry B. Thompson Student Center tiles and Dining Hall windows and repairing a broken window in the Traditions North lobby. Exterior light poles, hand rails and bike racks outside the Thompson Student Center are being repainted and other items include replacing Thompson Center carpet and repairing various lights across campus,” said Harry Battson, Assistant Vice President for Marking and Communications.

The work around campus has picked up the pace in the construction and beautification process that was originally planned based on work orders and schedules. But, the impending arrival of the Board of Regents has sped up the process. In the next few weeks, we should expect to see more progress being made around campus. Students should also expect to see more people around campus this week while the Board of Regents meetings and events start taking place.