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Mario Poo makes an appearance at Launching of the Ducks!

Stephanie Chambers, Student Affairs Marketing Coordinator

There aren’t many people at Tarleton State University who don’t know about the Purple Poo. It’s impossible not to hear or see (and sometimes smell) them as they make their way across Tarleton’s campus to attend university events, rowel up the crowd at a volleyball game or just attempt to make someone’s day better by giving them a poo sign.

When looking at the long history of both Tarleton and the Purple Poo, I have only been around a short time. I came to Tarleton as a freshman in 2010 and in 2012, I became a member of the TTS. I graduated in 2014, and now in 2017, I work for Tarleton and serve as the advisor for the Poo. So long story short, I have been afforded multiple opportunities to see the Purple Poo from different perspectives. Because of my associations with the poo, I provide a unique perspective into the organization.

In 2010, I never would have thought I would have had been provided so many amazing opportunities with this organization. I was just an normal freshman who, like most people, loved the poo. Like today, they were admired across campus and had an uncanny talent for making people’s day better. However, they had quite the reputation for being crazy and sometimes a little too wild. Because of the secrecy that comes with any secret organization, rumors about the poo were easily spread. Many people believed that their sole mission was to only be the crazy costumed people on campus.

As time has gone on, rumors still spread like crazy, but I can see the perception of the poo changing. For example, they were asked to visit the Tarleton Police Station to hang out. When I was a member, we would have been sweating bullets if we would have been asked to stop by the police station.

They dress out with the purpose to help promote the spirit and tradition at Tarleton. On Thursdays, a group goes out looking for people decked out in purple for Purple Thursday. They are taking steps to increase attendance at athletic games and other university events. As a group, they have noticed that Tarleton is changing. To keep up with that change, they hope to grow and evolve with the university. But, they also aim to remind Tarleton students of past tradition and what Tarleton is all about.

However, I think my favorite thing about the poo are the things that haven’t changed: the costumes has evolved slightly over the years, but the TTS and TTP robes are the same; it’s 2017 and the Purple Poo aren’t on Twitter. But at the end of the day, my favorite part of the Purple Poo is the love and dedication every member has felt for Tarleton since 1921. Being a Purple Poo is a mind-blowing experience but it requires a lot of time and sacrifice for the university. As a college student, there are sometimes that you want to attend a tailgate and football game with your friends as yourself. Or, maybe you want to stay home and study (watch Netflix) instead of attending an event on campus. Every person that has put on a mask or a robe for this university loves Tarleton and gladly makes the sacrifice.

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