I conceal carried on campus for a week and this is what happened

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I conceal carried on campus for a week and this is what happened

Example of a conceal carry position on an anonymous female model.

Example of a conceal carry position on an anonymous female model.

Example of a conceal carry position on an anonymous female model.

Example of a conceal carry position on an anonymous female model.

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As a licensed gun owner, I have the right to carry my gun in most places, unless those places have certain signs posted out front notifying myself and others that it is unlawful or even illegal to carry a gun in such places (i.e. churches, bars etc.). I have carried on campus before, but due to recent circumstances and controversy, I have only been carrying a pocket knife to keep me safe and to open things (because that’s honestly what I use it for on the daily). This week just seemed like the best and worst week to carry due to all the recent gun related events. Here is how my week where I concealed carried went.


My weekly routine for Monday is I wake up about 6:30 a.m. and go to the Rec Center to workout. After my workout (and shower) I get ready for my 9 a.m. class. Today, instead of just getting dressed and wearing my typical rings and necklace, I also put on a belt and put my holstered gun on my belt tucked into my pants and pulled my shirt over (so that no one would see it and to ensure it would be held in place securely throughout the day).

After attending class, lab and my on-campus job I am happy to say I successfully concealed my weapon throughout the day (which was 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Nothing crazy happened. No one yelled at me for concealing, and the best part about it? No one even noticed I had it on me throughout the day. But that’s the entire point of conceal carrying, isn’t it? The fewer people who know you have it, the better.


Similar to Monday, I went to class (no workout, I over-slept). My Tuesdays tend to be extremely busy because I have classes from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with only a 15 minute break for lunch and work as soon as my lab ends, and who knows when I will get done at work! Anyways, today didn’t go any differently. I wore a baggy long-sleeve shirt to ensure I wouldn’t be imprinting (and so that no one would be able to see my gun. Also, it was pretty chilly out!).

The only problem with today was I had to carry it for a much longer time period and being used to its weight is one thing, but I had a lab today and knew I wouldn’t be able to have it on my person during lab, so I had to take a break and slip it off my waist and into my backpack (don’t worry, I went to the bathroom and moved it). I had a case in my back pack that I put it in, so there would be no possible way there would be an accidental discharge.

After work and school, I went straight home and ended my experiment for the day.


Another normal day, sort of. I concealed on my waist just like the rest of the week. Today, I decided to wear a slightly more fitting shirt just to be a little more daring than when I have been privately when concealing at other places such as Walmart, the gas station, and on road trips. I was imprinting (this is when people other than you notice you are carrying), however, no one commented on the fact that I was carrying. A few of my friends did give me looks or a nod towards my hip, which gave me the sense that maybe I should re-adjust the way I was carrying. So, I started adjusting the way I walked and the way I carried myself to ensure that there would be no way anyone else would make a comment about it.

I also went to dinner with coworkers and I chose to leave my gun at home, because I knew that I would most likely have one of Agave’s Margaritas and I saw no reason for me to carry it when I knew I would probably have a drink. Also, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, “§46.035, Texas Penal Code, states that it is unlawful for an individual who is intoxicated to carry a handgun.”


I got lazy on Thursday. I’m not really used to carrying all day, so I just carried it in my backpack, even though Thursday was my short day. However, I definitely knew it was in my backpack due to the extra weight added to my school supplies. I was also much more protective of my backpack, because one, I do not want someone stealing my weapon and possibly using it on me, and two, I 100 percent would lose my mind if I lost the dang thing, especially since it is such an expensive and dangerous item to own.

On the bright side, it did make me more aware of my surroundings and who got close to my bag and what not. Thankfully, I had no issues. However, this is not a way I would typically carry, and honestly, anyone who does carry may want to criticize me and that’s okay. I’m figuring concealed carrying out one day at a time and some days are MUCH better than others.


Friday, I don’t have class, but I do have work. Working in an office environment is pretty easy for conceal carrying because I literally sit at my desk and do work on my computer. Now, I did have a moment where I thought I would drop it on the floor, and it was too late to hide it from one of my seven coworkers in my office. When one of my coworkers did see it, he shrugged and looked away, thankfully not causing the scene I thought he would. Him doing so gave me enough time to readjust it on my belt which I ended up deciding it was better to put it in my bag and just give up for the last hour of my work day.

What I learned

Carrying on campus isn’t as stressful as many would think it would be. I have carried on campus in the past and had no problems, but I only did so on my shorter days, then I would take it and lock it up in my vehicle when I was tired of carrying it. The only people who knew I was carrying were a few close friends (that frankly were NOT supposed to know I had it) and my family who I can trust.

I did feel safer having it on me this past week and will more than likely carry more often, especially since the whole world seems to be going crazy. I also know in a situation where I would have to use it, I probably wouldn’t simply because of the fact that many people would get more frightened if they saw me pull it and because I don’t see a need to make myself a target or those around me a target just because I have the ability to carry my gun with me.

Now, those of you who disagree with me carrying, please understand I am a female (not being sexist, I just know I would most likely be weaker than anyone who would try to oppress me). I live with my sister and two other females, and I have the legal right to defend myself if I am ever in the situation, and I honestly pray I never am in that situation. But we all know things happen and there’s rarely a way to avoid them, and that’s why I want to be able to protect myself and that is why I carry.