Coronavirus, Quarantine, and Self Isolation: How are you doing it?  

Information on the Coronavirus, the changes occurring, and how others are coping.

Toilet Paper Apocalypse, 2020 Zombie Apocalypse, and The Great Purell Purge are only a few of the many titles spreading around to accurately depict our current predicament. Ok, maybe I made up that last one, but the others are not my doing. I swear. Even with all of the memes, gifs, and jokes surrounding this pandemic, many people are genuinely and deeply frightened when it’s all said and done. I personally don’t blame them. A virus is not to be scoffed at. With that being said, it’s apparent that a large portion of the fear surrounding this virus is unfounded. Much like a rumor in High School, information or a story tends to be edited extensively by each new recipient. The latest edition of the story, enhanced with their own perspective and exaggerations, is passed on once again. This is not always intentional. The mind sometimes plays tricks on the memory when trying to recall the details. It auto fills the gaps with a person’s unique preferences. A lot like the auto-correct on your Iphone, but without being outrageously annoying most of the time THE WHOLE TIME. For your piece of mind, I did some digging on this virus and restricted myself to the most credible sources to ensure its validity, so that we may shed some light on this bad boy. So strap on your thinking helmet and let’s do this.

Jefferey is strapped up and ready for action. Thanks for leading by example Jefferey! In case you were wondering, that handsome devil shown above is Jefferey.

According to WHO, The World Health Organization, the virus COVID-19 is a newly discovered Coronavirus. That’s right, it’s not correctly called “tha coronavirus” ya silly sally. It is a type of coronavirus with all sorts of nasty brothers, sisters, and cousins alike. Not a very lovely family.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

– World Health Organization

Organizations such as the WHO are doing all they can to effectively inform the public of the facts, while also washing away the false rumors that have taken the country by storm.

If the virus isn’t as scary as they made it out to be at my local watering hole, then why has the WHO officially declared it as a pandemic? I’m so peeved right now!

Calm down, it’s because of how quickly and easily the virus has been able to spread over such a short time span. This sucker is the equivalent of Speedy Gonzales, zipping around the globe infecting everything it happens to whisk by.


That grey cloud of smoke behind him is corona…

Now that we know which atrocious family the COVID-19 virus belongs to, you might be wondering what a virus (or Coronavirus) is, and why you should even care, or maybe not. Maybe you’re currently rolling your eyes so hard you can practically hear it. Don’t worry, I hear ya… or your eyes rolling that is. I will bore you no further. For the sake of brevity, your precious time, and the word count of this article (I would hate for my employers to have to take out a second mortgage in order to compensate me for my work), I will graciously sprinkle some educational yet entertaining videos below. Don’t be shy.

Take a gander:

Nothing says fun like education am I right? Nahhh, I’m just joshin ya!

And here is a video on the Coronavirus COVID-19.

With this outbreak not only came anxiety, fear, and crude humor, but also an entirely new lifestyle that must come to terms with the Quarantine and Self-Isolation. So what does this mean for you? For those of you living in Erath County or nearby, it means batten down the hatches and go into hibernation… just kidding. But, it does mean to avoid unnecessary outings and public places as much as possible. No more date nights. No more clubbing. No more turtleneck sweaters with a gold chain. No more… just no! Basically if you’re allergic or find human contact physically painful and offensive to your hermit way of life, you’re good to go. Otherwise, zip up that hazmat suit and head out the front door.

Below is a map of Corona cases within the Erath County area as of April1, 2020.

Photo Courtesy of
COVID-19 cases by counties.

With Country wide Quarantines being established, Self-Isolation is now a necessity. To gain some different perspectives on this drastic change, I put together some interview questions for a few lucky contestants, most of which reside at different Universities in Texas.

My Question’s & Answers

1.) How is your school handling the outbreak and quarantine?

Cancelling classes and making sure people stay off campus.

Student at Tarleton State University – Sadie Hodges

Baylor is handling it in the best way they can. They understand how hard it is for us, so they’re doing whatever they can to make it not as bad!

Freshman Cheerleader at Baylor University – Kyndall Ingram

Texas A&M University ceased all face to face classes and moved to an all online format like most Institutions in the State. The common areas like Dining Halls and Libraries are also prohibited at this point. Residence Halls are still open, however, there is a refund available if you choose to move out.

Freshman at Texas A&M University – Abby Geye

2.) How have your classes compensated for these changes if any?

Classes are now online, commonly using Zoom for video calls.

Student at Tarleton State University – Sadie Hodges

My classes are fully online now which is kind of difficult because most of my classes dealt with sports and games, so we can’t interact as well.

Freshman Cheerleader at Baylor University – Kyndall Ingram

Most of my class coursework has stayed the same. I thankfully don’t have to log in to any Zoom lectures, but I do have posted lecture videos that I have to watch for three of my classes. And the other classes I basically just have writing assignments over readings, so that is really no different.

Freshman at Texas A&M University – Abby Geye

3.) What has been the hardest thing about the quarantine for you?

It hasn’t really been hard, it’s just trying to adjust to all the changes going on.

Texas Tech Graduate and a true artist with a P226 – FDR

I’m not really on quarantine lol I’m still having to go to work everyday.

Student at Tarleton State University – Sadie Hodges

The hardest thing about this for me is having my Freshman year of College cut short, and having to leave all of my friends until school starts again next Fall.

Freshman Cheerleader at Baylor University – Kyndall Ingram

Being productive in my coursework. It feels like an extended Spring break/early Summer break for me since I’m in school, so staying motivated and on task has been a real issue.

Freshman at Texas A&M University – Abby Geye

When taking a few of these responses into account, and a couple more not depicted here, it’s safe to say that self-isolation simply equals separation (and water is also wet, yes I know). Separation from friends and colleagues all the same, which is quite a bummer. Self-Isolation in some circles has already begun to take a more serious toll (But not like real circles, more like freaky circles” – Korg).

I live alone and have no family, and usually don’t think much about it. But, as the new pathogen forces us to socially distance, I have begun to feel lonely. I miss the ability to see, converse with, hug, or spend time with friends. Life seems shallower, more like survival than living.

How Loneliness from Coronavirus Isolation Takes Its Own Toll Robin Wright

Robin Wright, a contributing writer to The New Yorker since 1988, could not have said it any better. Although the Quarantine is essential in re-establishing control over this wild fire of a pandemic, we must properly ensure it does not create more problems than it solves by breeding large quantities of mental depression.

Gradual adjustment, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, and a daily dose of perseverance seem to be the cure when it comes to coping with the Quarantine and Self-Isolation. With all of the uncertainties, it’s very comforting to see the Universities of Texas taking immediate action on helping bring this virus to a halt, and properly caring for its citizens. It is a great time to be a Texan, and I myself am proud to be a member of this glorious state. We must all work together if the plans in place will prevail within a reasonable time frame. Only time will tell. I think I speak for most when I say that I’m looking forward to when we may all get back out into the world again and rediscover the things we took for granted. Have Faith and Patience, that day will come. But until then, always remember to reach out to loved ones frequently, and above all, stay safe. God Bless.

P.S. Here are some Memes for your utter enjoyment: