Spring Break: Cabin in the woods remake


Blake Smith

During my break, I attened my summer camp job reunion with my past co-workers. I got to see my friends and I was rehired as a recreation director.

I always imagined that college would consist of non-stop parties and an endless array of college boys to choose from. I thought we would party all night and miraculously still make the dean’s list. I thought we would find our soulmates, lose the essence of who we are and then find ourselves again all before the ending credits rolled across the screen.
College was supposed to consist of makeovers and new friends. However, we somehow managed to completely miss the plot of Greece and fall into the plot of The Cabin in the Woods. We don’t get “summer lovin’”, we get ominous music and eerie wind. So now it’s time to rewrite our story and become like any other college summer break movie ever!
March of 2019. My senior year of high school. The best year of my life. Senior skip day, senior prank, city wide trash pick up, senior trip to Six Flags, post-grad trip, prom and every other rite of passage for seniors is what made 2019 the best time of my life. I was ready for college and I couldn’t wait to party all day and all night. That year was the last normal year the world experienced. I had big plans for the end of high school and the beginning of college. We all had big plans but we took it all for granted.
“When I went to South Padre Island with my friends, we went to the beach but at the time, it was super cold outside so getting in the water was off the agenda. We didn’t see anyone perform but we went out to a lot of clubs and it was super fun. That was my favorite part. I had a blast and I would definitely recommend for other people to go with a lot of friends. The food there is also amazing,” Kaylee Puentez said.
The smell of lake water was thick in the air. The sun was shining and the break seemed promising. The code purple was a dream come true and the news was like music to any college kid’s ears. Extended spring break. In the moment, all we knew was that our first spring break as college students was going to be one to remember. What we did not expect was for a global pandemic to literally change the next year of our lives. We went from bathing suits and floating inner tubes to face masks and hand sanitizer.

Every email regarding classes returning at a later time was just another red flag telling us that the next few months would be more like a horror flick as opposed to a feel-good romantic comedy.
“This past spring break was awesome! I spent the first part of COVID-19 with friends thinking it would be over within a month or two but look where we are now! Throughout that extended spring break, I continued to spend more time with friends and family. It was awesome,” Tarleton agriculture education major, Emily Lynch said.
The fear that came with the pandemic has cleared and life has gone back to “normal”. However, as college students, it is our duty to remember that the pandemic is not over and it never will be if we keep moving at the same rate we are going. The growing pandemic, however, does not have to ruin the best four years of our lives. For example, take our summer break and go on a mini road trip! Go on a Texas wide donut tour! Never heard of it? That’s because I made it up! Visit the Granbury beach! It’s literally less than an hour away from campus and it’s completely free of charge.
We are the generation that turned a global pandemic into an assortment of small businesses. We are the generation that learned how to cut and dye our own hair, give ourselves tattoos and apply our own acrylics simply by watching 15 second TikTok videos. We don’t need two weeks of spring break to make the best of our college experience! (Although, it would be nice to go float the river in San Marcos.) We are the life of the party so let the good times roll!
No matter what you do, be considerate. If you decide to travel, wear a mask. If you feel sick, stay home. If you have been exposed, speak up. COVID-19 might have drastically affected summer 2020 but it does not have to alter the plans we have for summer 2021. As the weeks pass and we finalize assignments before break, remember to stay safe. It’s time to normalize being open about having COVID-19 symptoms. We are adults and we are all more than capable of being open and honest about what happens behind closed doors. So remember, wear a mask and stay safe Texans. Do not allow COVID-19 to ruin your summer 2021 plans just like last year. For information on COVID-19 testing offered on campus, go to web.tarleton.edu/roadmap/.