I can let go of negativity

The benefits of daily affirmations

Over the past seventy years, the way that mental health issues have been addressed, recognized, and discussed has changed exponentially. In the more recent years with the way technology has developed, the worldwide pandemic, known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as another recession, there has been a 25 percent increase in anxiety and depression worldwide as reported by the World Health Organization. Alongside the influx of mental health issues begets an influx in the way to treat them. While there may be therapy, journaling, or exercise, one way that is inexpensive and also helps strengthen your mindset is through daily affirmations.

“I’m never going to be able to do this work; I’m just not smart enough… Why do I have to present? I’m terrible at public speaking and I’ll just embarass myself!”

A plethora of people have negative thoughts such as these, some more than others. When this happens our confidence and self esteem may decline and become negative as well. After a certain amount of time of hearing and telling themselves these things, they may become self-fulfilling prophecies. In other words we talk so badly about ourselves we may live up to those standards and that is how we believe ourselves to be. However, if we do the opposite, positive daily affirmations, then the effect can be just as powerful but far more helpful.

Affirmations are statements that help affirm something to be true or bring emotional support/encouragement. They often help build confidence by fighting off self-sabotaging or negative thoughts. According to health.com, the purpose of affirmations is to help one acknowledge, give, restore, speak up, and depressurize oneself.

“I started putting myself in a better mood by intentionally contemplating all the small pleasures that were still out there,” Canadian author and public speaker, Neil Parischa, shares.

An important part of affirmations is savoring the little things, by stating positive things about oneself they begin to feel better about themselves. As repeating affirmations daily can change one’s mindset; they can motivate one to act, concentrate on their goals, change negative thought patterns, as well as build self confidence.

“I believe in myself and trust my own wisdom… I am not my past…Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay,” affirmations Amazon Alexa shares.

When one allows themselves to forgive themselves or has a clear goal in mind, that is how they can change their thought patterns. There are multiple ways for one to start their journey for positive affirmations whether that be through setting up a routine through Alexa, looking up daily affirmations through a google search, or listening to music filled with positive sayings.

Nevertheless, in order to create your own affirmations, one needs to list what you think are your negative features or qualities, rephrase them into positive statements/affirmations, repeat them regularly, anchor the affirmation into your body, and receive the affirmation through an external source. A simple way to do this is either when you wake up or before bedtime go in front of your mirror and repeat an affirmation for three to five minutes then write it on the mirror.

Repeating daily affirmations can help internalize positivity, as well as develop affirmations/suggestions to transform different aspects of one’s life. For more information, visit mindtools.com/pages/article/affirmations.htm.