Not So Glamorous

Summertime and Mental Health

Summertime can be a time to relax, go on adventures, and live a  stress free life. However, for some, summer is a hard season to be in. For students, especially college students, summertime means going back to your hometown, or staying at school. You have to split up from your friends for three months if they do not live close to you or if they do not live  on campus. This can be hard for students’ mental health because they do not get face-to-face interaction with their peers.

A change in routine can also greatly affect a college student’s life. Summertime is not as busy as a typical school year, so not having a routine can throw your mental health out of whack. For students that move home, they typically begin following the schedules of their families which is drastically different than their usual schedule. 

The best way to combat a decline in your mental health is to try to make summer as normal as possible. The first thing is developing your own routine or schedule. You can do this by getting a job and having a consistent work schedule, or making a conscious choice to get up at the same time every morning and having a set of tasks to complete each day. This will help with the feeling of time being weird or wasted, as you always have something to do. It can also help ease back into the transition of college due to the fact that you were following your own schedule, not your families.. 

Without your college friends around, things can get lonely. However, spending time alone is important. It helps us learn about ourselves and grow as people. I encourage you to spend time doing things you enjoy and that bring you happiness. If you don’t know what those things are, try several different things until you find something that fits. Reading, hiking, exercising, and starting a new TVshow are all great ways to spend time by yourself while also being able to enjoy your time. 

While summertime is not always as glamorous as it may seem, there are ways to make it better. Just remember, time will fly by, and you will soon be back to what you are used to.