The city anyone can enjoy

Nashville, Tennessee: Trip worthy?

Summer is one of the four seasons that people dream of all year long. Whether you are a student going on break, a teacher wanting some peace and quiet, or you are counting down to the minutes until your vacation, you are waiting for the long awaited summer days. 

We all get excited for the three month long break, especially us college students, but in those three months it is only right to take a trip to reward ourselves for all of our hard work. If you are in search of the long awaited getaway, no destination is better than Nashville.

The birth of Nashville’s country reputation started with Ryman Auditorium, otherwise known as The Church of Country Music. The Grand Ole Opry started out on the fifth floor of an insurance company building and was moved to Ryman Auditorium in 1943 due to its popularity. The Grand Ole Opry is one of the main concert venues in Nashville. A variety of legendary country stars have performed there including Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and many more. In addition, many stars like Taylor Swift and Davy Crockett found their start in Nashville. 

The city has become vast and beautiful throughout the decades of modernization, but that down-home country feel  hits as soon as you step onto Honky Tonk Highway or Music Row. This hotspot in town is the heart of Nashville and is  known for its bars, western clothing stores, high quality hats and restaurants. It is rare to walk the strip and not be immediately greeted with the sound of live music and laughter. Another “can’t miss” attraction is the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Johnny Cash Museum. The Country Music Hall of Fame features artists like Taylor Swift  and  Kacey Musgraves. 

Johnny Cash has had heavy influence in the music industry as a whole, like in Zach Bryan’s new album, the song “Whiskey Fever” has a Johnny Cash feel. Both museums are even within walking distance from Music Row. 

 Aside from Nashville being the country music capital of the United State, many people choose to visit Nashville to celebrate bachelor/bachelorette parties and birthdays. There are a variety of tours and showboat cruises for tourists to visit if they choose to travel to Nashville. Nashville is also the home of the Tennessee Titans and the Nissan Stadium for all the football fanatics. There is so much to unpack and explore when you step into Nashville, Tennessee.