It is not what it seems

A little bit about “growing up”

When we were young, we could not wait to grow up. When we envisioned being grown, we saw all of the things that grown ups got to do that we just were not quite old enough to do yet. However, we did not see everything else that comes with growing up, and as it all begins to happen, it can be hard to adjust to and accept. 

Growing up means becoming your own person, which is fantastic, but it can feel lonely at times. Finding yourself means separating yourself from everyone else and growing apart from the people you are closest to. This can be hard as you suddenly realize you are not in the same places in life as you used to be, and you may not see these friends as often. They are no longer the first people you see when you walk through the school doors and the last people you talk to at the end of the day. You come to accept that you are all growing and this is life now. 

Growing up also means less time with your family. For some, this is a relief, but for others it is quite an adjustment. You no longer spend every day with the people who know you the best, and the people you know like the back of your hand. Being away from them can cause a jolt to your system. If you have siblings, they are not there to barge in your room and not close the door, or get on every last nerve you have. As much as it annoys you while you are there, you miss it when it is gone. 

Moving on in life is hard. It is not always easy and fun. There will be days when you feel so alone and feel like your life is a mess. You are in the middle of figuring out exactly who you are and what you want to do with your life. There will be nights when you go to bed and just stare at the ceiling and wonder what you are doing.

When you feel lost and like your life is a mess, just remember it will all work out. The puzzle pieces will fit together one day, and everything will make sense. You have a purpose, and as you continue to grow that purpose will be revealed to you. If you need someone to talk to, you can always set up an appointment to counseling services. After all, it is already paid for with your tuition. If anything else, remember to just keep going. Good days are soon to come.