Not your mom’s jeans

Wrangler celebrates 75 years of success

Many people in the Western fashion industry have a Wrangler item on their “must have” list. Most recently, women have begun to choose men’s Cowboy Cut Wranglers as their go-to jeans whether they are riding in the arena or in styled photoshoots. It is no secret that Wrangler jeans have become one of the most popular denim brands. The burning question is how did this company get started? 

Starting in 1897, C.C. Hudson moved to Greensboro, North Carolina to seek work at an overall factory. Over the next 46 years, Hudson began to acquire sewing machines, founded the Hudson Overall Company, and eventually acquired the Casey Jones Company, whose main focus was manufacturing clothes for the working man. With the acquisition of Casey Jones, the iconic brand name “Wrangler” was picked up. 

In 1947, Rodeo Ben, the first celebrity Western-wear designer, tailored the Western jeans that were first seen by American consumers. Professional rodeo competitors began to endorse Wrangler for “durability, quality, and authenticity,” the official Wrangler website stated. From here, sales of Wrangler jeans skyrocketed around America and Europe and they became the first and only Western-wear brand to be officially endorsed by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association. 

Aaron Taylor, a Sales Account Executive, assists in managing the partnership between Cavender’s Boot City and Wrangler.

 “To keep both businesses healthy and growing in today’s market,” Taylor said.

Partnerships between companies such as this one ensure that customers remain satisfied and come back for more. While staying true to their rich history, Wrangler also prides themselves on looking to the future and improving their products.

 “Since celebrity tailor Rodeo Ben designed the first pair of emblematic Wrangler jeans 75 years ago, the brand has continually evolved while always remaining true to its core values of durability, quality and authenticity. Today, Wrangler is proud to showcase designs that were built from over 75 years of perfecting our craft, which has resulted in superior comfort, fits and style that will withstand the test of time,” Taylor stated. 

In order to maintain the success of this company for the past 75 years, Wrangler and their employees have strived to evoke the cowboy spirit of the American West. They have maintained a consistent, traditional style throughout the waves of the modern Western fashion we see today. Wrangler’s deep Western roots and heritage allows the company to remain as the center of the old school and modern cowboy’s style. The true leadership within the Western brand has contributed to maintaining its steadfast values and core. 

This guiding principle has led the brand through 75 years of success serving as the true American heritage brand and an iconic leader in denim,” Taylor stated. 

Wrangler stands for more than just comfortable jeans, they are a staple of maintaining true American Western values, even after 75 years.