New year’s resolutions

Do they stick?

Many people set goals for the upcoming year. Whether it be to lose weight, drink more water, find a significant other , or stay single and happy, there is a goal somewhere in their mind. It is the reality of sticking with it that so many people have trouble with. 

The best ways goals are kept up are when people have little rewards in place for themselves when aspects or mini goals are met. For example, when losing weight is your yearly resolution, you may reward yourself for every five pounds lost. That is until you reach your main goal weight, at which you would give yourself a bigger reward. Another way people keep their goals or resolutions active is to have an accountability partner, someone who is working towards the same goal and will keep you on track. For example, if your goal is to stay single to get over someone, they will remind you when you start to fall back into old habits that could lead you down the wrong path.

The reason goals are not kept often is because people do not have the motivation to keep them going. They fail when no one is keeping track of progress. The most failed goal for the new year is eating healthy and this fails because people favor convenience over healthy choices when it comes down to the moments that a decision needs to be made. Let’s be honest with ourselves, when it comes to dinner time, if it is between cooking a healthy meal or going out to eat, many would choose the going out option because it is the easiest. Most people fail these kinds of goals because of the other or easier option. 

So this year, when you are coming up with your goals or resolutions, make sure you stick with the ways that work. Stick with tiny rewards and an accountability partner. Do not go with the easier option, no matter how tempting. As always, remember the end result is always better than what you had to endure to get there.