Meow what?

Grapevine Mills mall soon to get a new addition

Ever wanted to travel to an out of this world dimension of space and time? Meow Wolf is an art installation experience that aims to do just that. 

The very first Meow Wolf art installation was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2016. Fondly named by the installers the “House of Eternal Return,” this 20,000 square foot interactive art exhibit is everything Willy Wonka wishes he could be (as far as imagination goes). 

Meow Wolf did not stop there though, they went on to install two more exhibits; Las Vegas’ Omega Mart and Denver’s Convergence Station. 52,000 square feet and 90,000 square feet respectively. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Meow Wolf is the idea that each city exhibit has its own storyline that you can investigate via clues, as described in one review the story is the following;

“The Selig family had disappeared from their home after experimenting with inter-dimensional travel. In their place formed “The Anomaly,” fractures in time and space. A secret government organization known as The Charter contained the situation and have disguised it as an art installation inside the exhibit” 

Stories like this exist at each of the locations and are built in as a part of the exhibits. “Omega-Mart” in Las Vegas is a supermarket themed installation inside a real mall. You can really buy fake, satirical items on the shelves of the stores, and even find secret doors that lead to other rooms in the exhibit.

The Meow Wolf experience is not cheap, unfortunately. The entrance price to each of the exhibits will cost you anywhere between 35-45 dollars a person. While the price may seem steep, the Meow Wolf corporation prides itself on the fair compensation that they provide to the local artists who work on the installation for up to years at a time. 

Grapevine Mills mall, in Grapevine, Texas, is currently undergoing some updates, and one of those updates… is a Meow Wolf installation. The company is known to be very secretive when it comes to their projects and this one is no different. All that is known so far is that it should be opening in the summer of 2023. 

The new attraction is sure to draw crowds from miles away just as the other ones have in the past and continue to do. So, be on the lookout for the all new interactive famed Meow Wolf art exhibit.