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Texas border issue

Abbot vs. U.S. Homeland Security
Credit to: AP

In a situation where tensions are running high, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, stands on the offense in setting up a border guarded by the Texas National Guard. Not only does this border stand in the middle of a public park, Abbott and the Texas National Guard have been told to halt their construction by the United States court. Despite superior instruction, it seems that Abbott is not going to heed those orders as he continues to keep the wall posted. 

Trouble began when Abbott made the decision to create a sharp barrier to put across the U.S.-Mexico borderline, in the middle of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. However, he immediately received communications from higher courts to cease this operation. Abbott did not listen to the words of the court, rather stating that he would continue putting state guards on the border and continue to keep the walls up. This decision not only stations guards on the wall, but it is also blocking out U.S. border patrol from accessing the area and park. 

The state is defying federal commands to stop the increased patrol on the border, as it is a duty delegated to the national government. When the national government began sending U.S. border patrol to the public park, they were stopped by Texan officers who were under Abbott’s command. The national government is demanding access to the border, yet despite this, Abbott has contended this demand by seemingly starting to ask for proof that a public park could be turned into a point of entry for immigration. This situation has all eyes on it, as it is not often that a state has defied federal orders to this extent. 

Abbott justifies his decision by stating that in the constitution, it is the right of a state to protect in times of invasion. However, whether this is truly an “invasion” is highly debatable. The “invasion” Abbott is referring to  is illegal immigration through the border, as about 600,000 people enter the United States illegally and without proper documents, according to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

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Article 4, section 4 of the United States Constitution clearly states that, “[The United States] … shall protect each of them [States] against Invasion…”  

Abbott has gone on record to show that the Biden Administration has failed to do its job, leading to Texas invoking Article 1, section 10, clause 3 of the Constitution which implies that power may be given to states to defend themselves, without the permission of the federal government in times of invasion, if the federal government is not doing so adequately. 

Texas, it seems, is not alone in defending the border, as other states are sending troops who are a part of their own guard to the Texas border. These states include Indiana, Louisiana, and Florida. Other states have written in their support of the state, and there have been conversations of a possible secession. 

However, the probability of secession happening is not something that will realistically occur in the United States. The topic of secession is a popular one, especially when in conversation about Texas. With how deep the Texas spirit runs, and how large and populous the state is, many wonder if a Texas secession from the U.S. is plausible. 

Historically, Texas has notably been its own state of sorts. This idea has previously been seen when Texas seceded from the United States and joined the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Ultimately, the Confederate States of America met their downfall, and eventually Texas was let back into the U.S. after some internal policy changes. Following this, a court case would occur stating that Texas never truly seceded during the war.This case proved that a state could not choose to leave the union based on its own wants. 

Though a secession occurring is not probable, the rumors regarding it will continue to circulate. The U.S. and Texas standstill is stiff, and only the actions and words of the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, can truly disclose what is in store for the state and immigration. There has since been an increase in support from other states and on January 13 the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach the Secretary of Homeland Security. The decision was made due to the secretary not adequately enforcing border laws.

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