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Texas 2024 election primaries

What is on the ballot and issues

With election season quickly  approaching and young voters starting to vote for the first time, all eyes are on the potential political candidates. Issues outside of Texas have arisen due to problems with people on the ballots and turnout.

Primaries have occurred in multiples throughout the beginning of the year, with the Texas primary falling on March 5. For the Texas primary, there are a multitude of items up for a vote, including the political party leader for the presidency and the Senate seat. The election is not limited to these seats, however, they are the most publicly acknowledged items on the ballot.

Incumbent Joe Biden, the current 46th President of the United States of America, is running for reelection under the Democratic party. Challenger Donald Trump, former 45th president, is running for reelection under the Republican party. Other persons are running for both parties, with any other parties such as Green and Libertarians having their private elections.

Issues that have been established recently during the primary season mostly concern the frontrunners for the political parties going into the actual Presidential election in November. Problems arose when the Colorado government attempted to disqualify Trump from the ballot, due to the events of the January 6 Insurrection. The Supreme Court does not seem to support this decision and remains unsure if this disqualification is justified by Amendment 14; Section 3 of the Constitution. In summary, this section reads that no one person can run for an official office within the government, who has engaged in resistance or insurrection against the Constitution. With the Colorado election occurring on Mar. 5 as well as Texas’, the primary election turnout is to be shown.

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For the Texas election, there is more than just the presidential primary to vote on, as we also simultaneously vote on officials within the state government. Including seats within the Texas and federal Senate and House of Representatives, as well as within multiple district courts, the state board of education, and the railroad commissioner position. Current Texas Senator Ted Cruz looks to secure a third term as the Republican incumbent. With who might win the Democratic primary still undetermined, U.S. Representative Colin Allred does have some strong support to win.

Many other items are being called in for election on the primary, based upon the needs of different counties. Per the norm, Primary voter turnout is usually incredibly low, especially with younger voters such as college students. Voting in the Primary is just as important as any other election, and can help make sure that Texans and Americans are able to choose specifically who they want to represent them. Receiving your voter registration card is essential, although you can vote using a government-issued identification card in person. With many more state primaries occurring at the same time as Texas’, it will be swift in knowing who will be our forerunners for each category  contained on the ballot, most importantly the presidency.

To find more information on Texas voting, please,, and—PDF?bidId=.

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