Tarleton rodeo teams saddle up for spring season


The Tarleton State University men and women’s rodeo teams are preparing for their spring season.

The Tarleton State University men and women’s rodeo teams are preparing for their spring season. The competition will conclude with the College National Rodeo Finals in June of this year.

The men’s team is currently placed first in the Southwest Region with 2,542.5 total points, while the women are sitting second with 994.84 points behind Eastern New Mexico University (1,012 points).

“This season, our goal is to win the Southwest Regional team title for the men and the women and to win at least five event titles in the region,” said Assistant Rodeo Coach Tibba Smith.

Tarleton currently holds the title in the men and women’s all-around.

Landon Williams is leading the men’s team with a total of 775 points. He is currently placed first in tie down roping with 275 points and first in the team roping as a heeler with his Weatherford College header (500 points).

For the women, Calie Turley is ranked first with 453.42 points in the all-around. She is currently tied for third in breakaway (215 points) and fourth in goat tying (238.4 points).

“I am very blessed and also very excited for the position I have put myself in,” said Turley. “There is still a lot more to be accomplished this spring semester and I am looking forward to finishing the game.”

Coulter Lane is the highest ranked Texan in saddle bronc riding with 520 points. Brody Cress is sitting seventh in the event with 190 points, while Dillon Barkshire (90 points) and Jacob Lewis (53.3 points) are currently ranked ninth and 11th, respectively.

Tarleton currently has four people ranked in the top 15 for bareback riding. Kody Lamb is placed second with 500 points and Devan Reilly is fourth with 347 points. Shon Gibson (187.5 points) is currently eighth in the event, while Tyler Berghuis (25 points) is ranked 12th.

The lone Texan ranked in bull riding is Luke Dyleski with 80 points. Dyleski is currently in a three-way tie for 12th.

Behind Williams in tie down roping are Sterling Jameson (165 points), Logan Loiselle (130 points), and Jace Melvin (80 points) in sixth, 10th, and tied for 15th, respectively.

Sam Williams has positioned himself in third place in steer wrestling with 215 points, while Coulter Lane is tied for eighth in the event with 140 points.

For the team roping headers, three Tarleton men are ranked. Ryan Wright leads the

Texans with 210 points and a fourth place slot. Billy Bob Brown is currently next in fifth with 190 points, while Jacob Lewis is tied for 14th with 80 points.

Tarleton heelers currently ranked behind Williams are Colton Herrera (190 points) and Cole Gifford (90 points). Herrera is currently ranked fourth and Gifford is in a four way tie for 10th place.

In the women’s events, the Tarleton ladies are holding their own. With at least six women ranked in each event, they are fighting for that first place spot.

Seven Tarleton women are ranked in barrel racing. Shelby Herrmann is leading the TexAnns with a second place position with 420 points, just 40 points behind the Odessa College leader. Fifth, sixth, and seventh place are in the hands of Emily Efurd (260 points), Dania Lamarche (200 points), and McKenna Wagner (190 points), respectively. Lindsey McLeod is ranked ninth with 140 points. Jordan Wright (70 points) and Kynder Starr (60 points) are currently in 13th and 14th places, respectively.

Currently tied for third with Turley in breakaway roping is Sierra Motley (215 points). Lauren Bane is right behind them in fifth with 195 points. Baili Collins (110 points), Hanna Haugen (90 points), and Corilynn Teller (80 points) are sitting 10th, 11th, and 13th, respectively.

For goat tying, Bane is the leading TexAnn with 358.4 points and a current second place ranking. Turly’s fourth place rank is followed by Lanie Culligan (180 points) with a tie for sixth. Wagner is currently eighth with 140 points. Motley (115 points) and Danielle Potter (100 points) are sitting 11th and 12th, respectively.

The first NIRA rodeo for the teams will be March 19-21 at the Odessa College Rodeo in Odessa. The Tarleton Stampede will be held April 23-25 at Lone Star Arena in Stephenville.