OP-ED: Just because we disagree, doesn’t mean that I’m dumb


Joseph Kamin, Sports Editor

You don’t need to look at polls to know that Stephenville and Tarleton State University is a majority conservative community. There is nothing wrong with that, believe how you want to believe and vote for how you believe.

But if someone from a more liberal side expresses their beliefs, the majority of conservative leaning people will automatically assume that the person who disagrees with them, is dumb and resort to a variety of cliché insults. If you don’t believe me look at any my previous op-ed about how Trump joking about rape is a shame for the republican party.

I was not endorsing any candidate in that article, I was saying that joking about rape is not okay for a presidential nominee.

I was still attacked for believing what I believe. But I believe what I believe, and you believe what I believe, plus I’ve got tough skin so I just moved on.

This is a two-way street however, whenever republicans voice their opinions, many democrats speak out about how wrong and dumb they are.

A perfect example of this were the silent Black Lives Matter protest and the current Trump “chalkening” that happened at Tarleton. People who disagreed with one of the demonstrations, ran to social media to talk bad about the protests.

Both protests were peaceful

Both were exercising their right to free speech.

Both were doing it in a peaceful manner, so why does it matter? They’re standing up for something they believe in and are trying to change it.

While Democrats and Republicans vary on issues, the main reason they vote for their candidate is because they believe that they could enact change for the positive and it would be good for the people.

Nobody votes for a politician because they think that they’d be bad for the people, they vote because they think that they’d enact a change they believe in.

While how they want to achieve this goal is different, they still believe that for the same reason that you believe what you believe.

So next time someone talks about an opinion that you don’t agree with, don’t resort to name calling and bashing. They believe what they believe because they want good for people and they just think that they should go about different means in order to get that goal.

And if you can’t find a way to discuss someone else’s opinions without resorting to personal attacks, maybe you need to reevaluate why you’re mad and insulted.