OP-ED: Unpopular Opinion: Freebirds vs. Chipotle


Madison White, Assignment Editor

Freebirds is better than Chipotle. The only debate that I am truly invested in.

There are so many reasons why Freebirds is better than Chipotle. The first of many reasons is the options that are available at Freebirds. Unlike Chipotle’s one size option for a burrito, Freebirds has five size options: kids, hybrid, freebird, monster and super monster. Freebirds has three options for cheeses while Chipotle only has two. Although this was just a recent change for Chipotle because before September 12, Chipotle did not have queso.

From recent reviews, Chipotle’s queso wasn’t even that great. You get more choices of the type of burrito when you go to Freebirds. You have the choice of calabacitas, veggie, carnitas, steak, dark meat chicken and also white meat chicken. Then you also have the choice of tortilla. It’s your choice between flour, wheat, spinach or cayenne. When you go to Chipotle, you get the flour tortilla because that is your only option.

You cannot have this debate with out bringing up the way that your burrito is rolled and if will stay together while you eat it. When I used to eat at Chipotle, every time they would roll my burrito, half of it would fall out right there while they are rolling it and the other half of the time, the tortilla would break while it was rolled. They would not put your burrito in a new tortilla; they would just put it straight in the foil. Once I would sit down to eat my burrito, I would take two bites and before you know it, the burrito would fall apart.

When you are at Freebirds, the workers put care into how your burrito is rolled. If the tortilla breaks slightly while it is being rolled, they will put your burrito in a whole new tortilla. The beauty of a Freebirds burrito is the fact that since they roll the burrito so tight and double wrap it in foil, the contents of the burrito stay together. This makes it so much easier to eat in the restaurant and on the go.

When you go to Freebirds, it is partly for the burritos and partly for the experience. I was a regular at the store by my house (I was given the nickname Tortilla Strip Girl by the workers). I would go in and have full conversations with Totun, who was my favorite worker there. She would always recognize me and ask me how I am.

Have I ever gotten that kind of service at Chioptle? No.