Lush jelly bath bomb; is it worth the hype?

Madison White, Assignment Editor

If you’re a girl, you probably have heard of the store Lush before. They released their Halloween bath bomb collection and had a bath bomb named Secret Arts.

Black bath bombs have been floating all around Twitter and Facebook recently, and since Lush had not had a dark colored bath bomb before, it was going to be win. The Secret Arts bath bomb was $8.95, which was on the expensive side for Lush’s bath bombs. I saw that it was a jelly bath bomb, and this made me intrigued because I have not seen a jelly bath bomb before at Lush.

My first impression of the bath bomb before it was put into water was amazing. I thought this was going to be like every other bath bomb that I have used from Lush in the past. The scents that are in this bath bomb were cinnamon, orange and almond. It smelt amazing, so I was thoroughly impressed so far.

When it came time to put it in the water, I was ready to find out what the jelly portion of the bath bomb was going to be. Compared to the other bath bombs at Lush, it took a few minutes longer to dissolve. To completely dissolve it I had to break it up with my hands.

I decided I wasn’t a fan of this bath bomb when I had to break it up with my hands. The jelly was in chunks floating on the surface of the bath water. The jelly also lined the edge of the bath tub at the water line.

I didn’t even want to get in the bath. It was disgusting. I felt like I would be stepping into a can of wet dog food.

Once I drained the bath, I became very annoyed. There were chunks of jelly left in the bath and so was the line of jelly that was at the water line. It took 15 minutes to clean out the tub once it was drained and is still slightly stained because of this bath bomb.

I was overall very disappointed in the Secret Arts bath bomb. The only positive aspect of it was the scent, but to me, that’s not worth the rest of it.