Can D-I keep a secret?


Photo courtesy of Tarleton SGA Twitter

The Purple Poo participated in the SGA D-I task force meeting on Nov. 15 to ask pressing questions that students need answered.

The Purple Poo, Letter to the Editor

As a representation of the Student Body, we would like to write this letter to stress the significance of The Best Kept Secret in Texas: Tarleton State University. There has been a lot of hype and discussion regarding Tarleton going D-I. When you arrive on campus, you are immediately surrounded by the presence of what it means to be family.  Though our family and campus are growing, we feel it is necessary to ask what will happen to the value of tradition and spirit if we join a Division I conference.

Some questions that we have asked among ourselves as an organization have been:

  • How will this change affect tuition and fees for the student body?
  • Has the school already submitted a bid to a conference, and who will make the final decision?
  • Will students/alumni have a vote on the change?
  • As the Purple Poo, how will this affect our presence on campus?

As an active presence on campus, we have observed that there are many changes we would like to see first on campus before expanding as a D-I institution, a change that may put more stress on our campus and student body. For example, the E.J. Howell building and Joe Autry Agriculture building could use renovations as they house two of the biggest academic programs on campus, Agriculture and Education.

In addition, our past history is derived from a strong agricultural background, while we move forward to diversify and improve our campus we should not neglect facilities like the College Farm. Student-Focused should mean quality of the student experience.

We want Tarleton to be the best kept secret, not only for it’s past and for the present, but more importantly, the future. One day, when our kids come to visit, we want them to experience the spirit of Tarleton. This is the same presence that welcomed us home on our first campus tour and the same feeling that welcomes us home every Monday night in Heritage Park and will welcome us home one day as Alumni. If going D-I means deterring the spirit, then D-II is good enough for us.

We attended the Student Government Association open forum as an organization on Wednesday and found a few answers to some but not all of the questions above. We learned that SGA will vote on fee increases and an official bid has not yet been submitted. The final decision will be made by Dr. Dottavio.

It was expressed in the meeting as well that slowing down from the usual enrollment growth of seven percent to three to five percent is one goal hoped to be achieved. We as a student body have the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns through a link on the D-I page. The Purple Poo encourage you to not be afraid to ask the tough questions needed to keep the spirit alive.