“The Spunky Squaw”: a new online boutique

Brooke Adams, Guest Writer

Since I was very young, my personality isn’t the only thing that has been unique; so has my style. From a very young age, I have always made a point to dress in a different way than others while also encouraging others to do the same.  Starting out as a toddler, being in front of a camera was second nature as my mom definitely kept me in the spotlight and so did several local children’s boutique in their newspaper ads. As time passed by and I got into middle school and high school, I modeled for several boutiques and it was nothing short of fun. From always being around the boutique industry it has always driven my passion to open my own boutique and embrace my love for fashion.

Literally, it happened overnight.  When I say overnight I’m not even kidding.  After helping many boutiques manage their social media accounts, model their clothing and even picking out most of their inventory, I decided it was time to do it for myself.  The excitement was indescribable…. I was starting an online boutique! The most difficult part of all of this was coming up with a name.  I wanted to be completely different than any other store and I wanted something very catchy.  I decided the name had to be Spunky Squaw because it was something funky and original.

My first plan was to establish a style that I loved.  I didn’t want to carry anything extremely trendy because I wanted to start my own trends. Once I received my first box of inventory it was game time.  I got a local photographer, Lazy K Photography to help out with the pictures and they were nothing short of amazing.  Once I began to post, it all went so quick.  Within my first couple weeks of being in business I had shipped all across the United States.  I was and still am so thankful for these customers.

After the sudden success, I wanted to dig even deeper.  I teamed up with some awesome wholesalers and got some really cool pieces while even creating custom pieces myself.  The fact that I am able to channel my creative side really makes this fun rather than feel like a job.  I wanted to get the boutique publicized more so I decided to do a Brand Rep program. This program helped me gain the eye of people from all over Texas and different states such as California and Louisiana.  With one local Brand Rep, Colti Wright, it has allowed me to get pictures of different people to post to sale more items.  I decided to stick with being online to start out because being in college and working takes up a lot of time and I felt avoiding the overhead cost of a brick and mortar was a great idea because it would allow me to build up my customer base and still retain profit.  Because of the instant and on going success, I do plan on opening a store front once I graduate.

When starting this adventure, I kept it to myself and to several close friends and family so I could devote my focus strictly on my business.  Watching it grow before I announced the exciting news was probably one of the hardest things I did, but it was also the most beneficial. The biggest advice I have for anyone else who has this same passion or really any passion is to go for it.  Surround yourself with good people who inspire you to be successful, be kind to those who don’t and always encourage the person wanting to do it, to do it good.  If anyone has any questions about putting your dreams into action, feel free to contact me, I believe in you!



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