Tarleton celebrates its 5th annual Giving Day


Alex Huerta/ The JTAC

The E.J. Howell education building on the Tarleton Stephenville campus.

Tarleton State University and its many on-campus organizations have remained diligent during the global pandemic. Although a number of events have been cancelled and rearranged due to COVID-19 and the surprise winter storm of 2021, one thing that has remained the same is the exhibition of the core values.
Each year, students and staff illustrate the importance of each core value through non-stop work on and off campus. Giving Day is an example of one of the many events that brings the community together.
Giving Day is a day for staff, students, faculty and the community. to support their favorite academic programs, student activities or scholarship programs. This online event was founded to empower and encourage benefactors to support their community through local non-profit organizations. This year will mark five years of participation from Tarleton State University.
Over the past four years Tarleton’s student, staff, faculty and community’s particpation in Giving Day has grown immensly. Every donor has the ability to donate to their favorite academic college, student organization, student program or scholarship. If you are not sure who to donate to, you can join the Student Life
Circle, which provides students with assistance as they need it.
Even a small donation can make a difference in the lives of Tarleton students. No matter the amount, donations can be the difference a student needs to make a tution payment or even purchase their next meal.
“Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising challenge aimed at rallying all Tarleton supporters to give above and beyond what they normally give to make a greater impact on the lives of our students, University, and community. Giving Days are done at virtually every institution throughout the nation and continue to grow each year,” Vice President for Instructional Advancement, Dr. Gabriel Cagwin said.
Tarleton encourages all students, staff and alumni to participate. Giving Day is open to any and all supporters of Tarleton State.
“[Giving Day] gives every institution something to rally around and gives everyone a call to action for philanthropy. It’s a way to get everyone to try and give 110% and make us better every year,” Dr. Cagwin said.
All the proceeds from Giving Day go directly to on-campus organizations and scholarship opportunities.
“All donors get to choose where they want their philanthropic money to go towards. It’s not our job to tell people where to give, rather be a conduit to ensure that they feel good and excited about their philanthropy. So, when donors go online to give, they can pick from a number of opportunities to support,” Dr. Cagwin said.
Giving Day allows students and staff to donate and get active in the community. For more information on the 2021 Giving Day donations, go to: givingday.tarleton.edu.