Restaurant Reviews: Brock’s Food and Drink


Photo Courtesy of Brock's Food and Drink

Hank’s Jam is currently being hosted at Brock’s Food and Drink in Granbury until August 18, 2021.

On June 30, 2021 a few friends and I went to Brock’s Food and Drink located at 4021 Acton Highway in Granbury. Brock’s is a restaurant and bar that features mostly barbeque type foods including pulled pork sandwiches, sausage and burgers.

One of my friends and I split a Jambo Platter, one of Brock’s specials. This meal came with ribs, sliced bbq, pulled pork, sausage and three sides. For our sides we chose potato salad, mac and cheese and green beans. After tax and drinks this costs around $25 and was just enough for two people to share. This option provided a great variety of the food offered at Brock’s to sample. Our other two friends ordered a half rack of ribs and a sliced bbq sandwich.

There were two barbeque sauces at Brock’s one was a normal sauce and one was spicy. I enjoyed both of the sauces but the spicier of the two was a bit too much for my friends who don’t enjoy spicy foods. I would consider it on the same level of spice as a medium salsa except with a sweet after taste. The normal sauce was a nice neutral barbeque sauce with a hint of sweetness that I preferred on the ribs over the spicy sauce.

The ribs were tasty and had plenty of spice on their own. I tried them first with no sauce and decided that they were a touch too dry with too much black pepper alone for my taste. The regular sauce fixed my complaints and complimented the spices of the ribs well. The ribs were the only part of the meal that I felt really needed any sauce.

The sliced bbq and pulled pork were both fine examples of everything that you would expect from a barbeque restaurant. I believe that the pulled pork had been marinated in sauces and spices for an extended period of time because of the way that the meat tasted. The sliced bbq also seemed to be slow cooked and thoroughly seasoned. I ate both with and without the regular sauce and was pleased with the taste either way.

The sausage was also well seasoned but not overly spicy. I enjoyed the spicy sauce with the sausage because it brought out the flavors nicely. The sausage was the part of the meal that surprised me the most because my friends consider me a picky eater. Most of the time I do not enjoy sausage from restaurants or stores because they can be too dry. I was pleasantly surprised at Brock’s because the sausage was smoked nicely and despite being the part of the meal that I expected would need sauce, it did not.

By far my favorite part of the meal was the potato salad. Despite being a picky eater, I love potato salad of all kinds. The potato salad at Brock’s had just the perfect amount of mustard and by looking at it you could see the individual components. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and over all the potato salad had a nice blend of ingredients that all combined well together.

The green beans and mac and cheese were good but nothing truly spectacular. This can be a good thing because this means that they are both safe neutral options for picky eaters.

The restaurant has an old-fashioned barbecue joint feel with the aesthetics of being built in two connecting metal barns. Brock’s has open indoor and outdoor seating, with a couple of performing areas including a stage outdoors for performances like Hank’s Jam.

Hank’s Jam is a series of live performances hosted at Brock’s by 92.1 Hank FM currently happening weekly at Brock’s on Wednesday nights until August 18. On the Wednesday we went to Brock’s Will Banister and Wade Hatton were performing. We did not arrive until Wade Hatton’s last song so we did not get to hear much of his music. Banister’s performance was quite entertaining with a mix of songs written by himself and covers of other classic country artists. If you are interested you can find more information about his music on his Facebook at:

Overall, I had a great time at Brock’s and will be visiting again. You can find more information about Brock’s by visiting their website at: or on their Facebook at: