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What is on my Spotify right now?

The Red Dirt Sound
What is on my Spotify right now?

The choice of music and preferred genre is a subjective and personal choice. Each individual has their own taste and styles that they tend to gravitate toward; moreover, this may change on a day to day basis. 

Spotify’s new personalized playlist feature called “daylist” uses a specialized algorithm to map an individual’s music preference patterns based on their listening habits throughout the day. This algorithm within itself proves the idea that any given person has an evolving music taste not only depending on the day, but also depending on the time of day. 

I personally find the evolution of music throughout one’s life and a period to be time based, it feels like we almost crave a specific sound or vibe and at times we look for it throughout our playlist, it might be a specific song or just a general feeling that you want to feel.

This is a snapshot of what I am currently listening to as of Mar. 11-15:

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  1. “February Snow”- Flatland Cavalry 

A 2016 breakup song classic that manages to remain upbeat with a nice rhythm. This song also features a strong chorus which makes you feel like you should be two-steppin’ in an ole’ dance hall.    

      2. “Jersey Giant”- Evan Honer, Julia DiGarzia 

This upbeat tune was originally written by Tyler Childers, but never given a proper release or recording save for a brief TikTok audio which helped boost the song’s overall popularity. Personally, I feel that this version sounds the best and has the best depth of voice. 

       3. “Brazos Valley Girl”- BuckFuffalo, Matt Hartrman, Mason Morris “The Cowbirds” 

A light and open song, I call this my “Sunday morning” song which sounds best on warm days. 

        4. “To Be Free”- Dylan Gossett 

This song has been on replay for a lengthy part of this semester.It is an upbeat, “coming of age” song which can be enjoyed best when driving down the highway with the windows open. 

         5. “Mountain Song” – Flatland Cavalry

This slow swinging song creates a sense of nostalgia for something we have not yet experienced. It is a reflection of the artist’s love for their person. 

As can be seen, this week I have been into songs that feature a light “acoustic sound,”songs that focus on the human experience, and songs that can tell a story through its lyrics. 

Music is about the feeling and emotion behind it and the story within the lyrics which takes the listener through a journey and allows them to step into the artist’s shoes to feel what they feel and see what they see. 

Overall, music remains a deeply personal and subjective experience, with our tastes evolving and shifting over time. My own playlist for this week reflects a preference for a light acoustic sound that delves into the intricacies of human experience, telling stories and evoking emotions that resonate deeply. Whether it is the nostalgic twang of “February Snow” or the uplifting vibes of “To Be Free,” each song serves as a vessel for connection, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the artist’s world and share in their joys, sorrows, and everything in between. 

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