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Comical commercial breaks

Super Bowl LVIII commercials recap

If you were one of the 123.4 million viewers of the 2024 Super Bowl, it is almost guaranteed that you were not expecting two things: for Beyoncé to drop two surprise singles as teased by a Verizon commercial, and for Usher to take the stage for part of his Halftime show performance wearing roller skates and a sparkly blue suit. Needless to say, Super Bowl LVIII had a lot in store for its record-breaking number of viewers; not only regarding the football aspect of the national event. 

Each year, the Super Bowl grants big time businesses and brands with the opportunity to purchase a time slot – or multiple time slots – during commercial breaks. This year, a single 30-second commercial advertisement cost a whopping seven million dollars to purchase; this amount not including the funds it requires to actually produce and edit a Super Bowl worthy commercial. 

This year, at Super Bowl LVIII, there were nearly 60 official commercials, all of which were incredibly unique, powerful, hilarious, moving, or awe-inspiring in their own ways. After careful deliberation, Super Bowl fans and commercial enthusiasts alike spoke out about their favorites. 

The third best Super Bowl LVIII commercial – by popular vote – was the Uber Eats, “Worth Remembering” advertisement featuring David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. 

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“Uber Eats’ Super Bowl ad featured more than its fair share of superstars pretending they’d forgotten integral parts of their lives,” editor for the Billboard website, Joe Lynch, reported. “In a Friends mini-reunion, Jennifer Aniston acts as if she can’t quite recall working with David Schwimmer; Victoria and David Beckham struggle to remember the name of her girl group (‘Paprika Girls?’); Jelly Roll sees his face tattoos in a mirror and exclaims ‘did someone doodle on my face?!’; and Usher acts as if he can’t remember ever playing the Super Bowl.”

The DunKings” Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement featuring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, and Fat Joe was crowned by popular vote as the second best Super Bowl LVIII commercial. 

“After Jennifer Lopez crashed Ben Affleck’s 2023 Super Bowl ad, Baffleck returned the favor in a 2024 Dunkin’ Game Day ad,” Lynch explained. “With him are longtime pal Matt Damon and fellow Boston boy Tom Brady, and shocker, they fail to impress as a vocal group (proving Jack Harlow’s words of warning to be correct). It was a well-acted spot from three longtime movie stars demonstrating how to squeeze the most comedic potential out of every second on screen.”

Finally, the ultimate, number one Super Bowl LVIII commercial, as chosen by the public, was Verizon’s “Can’t B Broken” advertisement starring none other than one of the top record-breaking artists of all time: Beyoncé. 

“In a Verizon ad alongside Tony Hale (aka Buster Bluth from Arrested Development and Gary Walsh from Veep), Bey works on breaking Verizon’s 5G network, trotting out a Barbie parody (Bar-Bey), her version of AI (BeyoncAI) and announcing a presidential run of sorts (Beyoncé of the United States aka BOTUS),” Lynch described. “It was a funny, charming ad that showed off the Queen’s comedic chops – and even better, teed up the big announcement that new music was here and ‘Act II’ is coming March 29. Now THAT’S how you steal the Super Bowl spotlight without breaking a sweat.”

From an all-embracing standpoint, each commercial was great in its own manner, and regardless of a subjective commercial rating ranking, each commercial was a winner in many individuals’ hearts. 

For information regarding the commercial advertisements featured during Super Bowl LVIII, please visit,,, and

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