Texan Tours gets Revamp

Tarleton introduces Campus Previews Days


Aspen Hoover

Jordan Duzich and Hannah Durnell showing their Texas Rep pride outside of the OA Grant building.

If you have toured Tarleton State University as a senior in high school  in hopes of getting a feel for campus life, odds are you have encountered the Texan Reps. 

The Texan Reps are an organization of current students on campus that strive to promote diversity and respect and to introduce prospective students to the campus life and environment at Tarleton State University. Recently, the Texan Reps have undergone some changes to their current systems.

The original name for the tours that prospective students embarked on, prior to this year, was the “Texan Tour.” In an attempt to minimize confusion about what these tours mean, the name has been changed to “Campus Preview Day.”

 “The notion of ‘tour’ means you’re being led around campus, Preview Day expresses that guests simply come to campus to get a preview of what Tarleton is all about,” Welcome Center Director, Savannah Trantham said.

The name change also brought a structural modification to what a prospective students day would consist of during a preview. This includes being able to choose what stops on campus they would like to visit. The layout allows prospective students and guests to learn more information about Tarleton State University, but in a shorter format than the original Texan Tour.

The hope for these new changes is that guests are provided with an unique experience and leave feeling like Tarleton is the friendliest campus on earth. 

“These changes have already brought a lot of great opportunities for other preview events such [as] Senior Hall Crawl and Game Day Tours,” Trantham said. 

Senior Hall Crawl is an event that allows graduating seniors to tour residence halls on campus before they decide on their housing options.

To become a Texan Rep, the process has not changed, you can apply on the TexanSync website.

 “We have, however, added the name Texan Reps to our paid student tour guides that work in the Welcome Center. This is to add consistency for our audience and help build the name- ‘Texan Reps’ to prospective students and across campus as we build the brand of Tarleton being the friendliest campus on earth,” Trantham said. 

This decision was made in hopes of not having to depend strongly on the volunteer reps that may have conflicting schedules during the spring semester. The Welcome Center is in the works of implementing concepts that will allow them to utilize these volunteer reps for fall events, but not have to depend on these volunteers in the spring.