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Lashes and more lashes

Small business spotlight

Lexie Tucker, a current sophomore on the Tarleton State campus has extended her knowledge within the world of business and is now doing lashes.

She grew up in Joshua, Texas and attended Joshua High School. Her current major is biomedical science with an emphasis in pre-dental, but that has not stopped her from expanding her horizons. 

She is grateful that she gets to attend Tarleton State and share her love for beauty with other students. 

I chose to come to Tarleton not only because my sister and cousins attended here, but I also fell in love with this college because it still has a small-town feel. Watching my sister excel here and gain so many opportunities coming out of college because of the connections she made here, inspired me to do the same. When I am here, I also feel as if I am back home. I love all the traditions and how close the President is with his students,” Tucker explained. 

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Although lashing is not her main priority, she feels it is important to let women express themselves in many different ways. Her prices are only a bonus. 

“I have always loved doing my lashes because for me, and many other girls, we feel at our best when we have a little makeup or even just to wake up with lashes on. I have always thought the prices to get them done in today’s world are crazy, so I learned to do them myself. Now I want to help other girls who are in college, or just don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to get them done, teach them how to do their own, or do it for them,” Tucker emphasized. 

Although her studies remain the most important thing, she has made sure to grow her business in the best ways possible. Whether it is learning what works best, or even just trying new things, she is sure to provide the best service for her girls. 

“I have been doing my lashes for about 2-3 years now. I started trying different lash styles, glues, and brands to see which one I always liked more. From simply cutting strip lashes, to buying the individual clusters, my knowledge and practice have come a long way,” Tucker said. When I first kicked off this small side gig, I had no idea it was formal season and I can say I was definitely booked! Luckily since it was the end of the semester and I learned to do them fast, doing lashes didn’t get in the way of my academics.”

With all small businesses, there is the question of whether they want to take it to the next step and transform their gig into their full-time job. Tucker, while she loves giving people a boost of self esteem, has made up her mind. 

“I think I will continue to do lashes in the future for girls because I want it to always be available, and although I did think about getting licensed through schooling, becoming a dentist is still my end goal,” Tucker explained. 

Her services are not only a mere $20 dollars, but she does them on campus, giving people the opportunity to experience lashes even if they do not have a vehicle. 

“As of right now, my services include a natural or more volume set of lash clusters for just $20! How it works is I will apply a bond to your lashes, then glue it to the lash cluster and simply attach the lashes to the underneath of your lashes. This helps create a natural look as if you are not wearing any! I do them from the comfort of my dorm room, this way you can walk to your appointment,” Tucker emphasized. 

She has found a love for something outside of academics and encourages all students-alike to do the same. 

“The advice I would give to someone who wants to start a small business is first to be prepared and create a website! You don’t realize how far your idea can take you and everyone that could be interested. When I first advertised my lashes, I had no website or enough lashes to handle everyone that was wanting to get some done. I had to overnight lashes, and immediately had to figure out how to make a website because I could not schedule everyone at the same time,” Tucker explained. “Also, the most important thing is to believe in yourself! If you have an idea, take that idea and do as much as you can with it. Lashes aren’t just a way to make money to me, it’s something I love to do because I get to see how happy it makes everyone.”

If you would like to take advantage of her cheap but classy lash extensions, make sure to schedule an appointment at

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