A life changing store

Gold Soul Co and the inspiring story behind it

During a time of economic turmoil and hardships, small businesses seem to be left behind. People forget about them or just simply do not think to buy from them. Small businesses need our help more than ever right now so that they can keep their dreams alive. One small business in particular is an online boutique based out of Stephenville. They have the cutest clothes and a very inspiring story. 

Gold Soul Co is a boutique owned by Torrie Burton and was started just over a year ago. Burton found the need to target women transitioning from their twenties into their thirties because finding clothes that feel age-appropriate can be hard. She prides herself on helping women find clothes they feel good in and helps them style these outfits as well. 

The name behind this small business is truly meaningful and inspiring. “About two years ago I lost my best friend in an accident,” Burton said. “Her and I had often spoken about opening a photography studio and boutique together. After she was gone, I knew I had to hold up my end of the deal and open a boutique.” With their inspiring story, and the influence of others around them, the boutique acquired its unique name. “The name comes from our angel in heaven walking the streets of gold, and then all the people who came around us in the times after, who we love so much, people with souls of gold,” Burton explained. Hence the reason how the company, Gold Soul Co, earned its name. 

Gold Soul Co currently does not have a storefront and is exclusively online. However, Burton said that things change and maybe someday she will be able to have a physical store. Being a small business owner has allowed Burton to meet new people whom she has grown very close with. “I also love styling clothes and thinking outside the box,” Burton said. Therefore, running an online boutique is right up her alley. 

Every business has morals and values in which they conduct their behavior and how they run things. “We base everything we do in the perspective of extending love and kindness, as well as our faith in God. This keeps us grounded,” Burton stated. This is a great way to run a business and choose to spread love and positivity. 

If you haven’t checked out Gold Soul Co yet, be sure to give them a look and support this small business with a big heart!