Creative Chaos

The Chaos Trading Company


In search of a place to let your creative side shine? Need a break from the house? Need an outlet from the overwhelming world? The Chaos Trading Company may be exactly what you are looking for. This family-owned business was created by Sarah Childers in De Leon, Texas. She was a non-profit consultant by trade for many years and used to teach science and art. She loved being an artist and decided to take this love to another step. 

“For those of you like me, you need to have a creative outlet in order to feel like

you have accomplished something. If you are like me, you are always imagining the “what if’s” in a situation, conjuring alternative scenarios for contemplation, conceiving innovative ideas on how to improve something, or wondering how to provide a solution to a problem you have discovered. Having anything to do with this process always reminds me that there is something bigger than me,” Childers explained. 

While her company has become very successful, the story behind the uprising of The Chaos Trading Company is not one for the faint of heart.

“I went through a period of loss ( losing both parents within three weeks of each other) among a few other variables and that served as my catalyst of complete upheaval in my life. The “do over” button got pushed,” Childers said.

While going through this very hard time in her life, she found the building she now owns and has made it into the successful company it is. 

“One thing then led to another and this building came up for sale and I was in a position to buy it. I had a tie to the location but really didn’t know if I wanted to go that route. Did I really want to start a business in a little town?” Childers questioned. “However, I had already learned the hard lesson that it does not matter how many zeros sit in your bank account, because those same zeros will not prevent your heart from being ripped out of your chest while it is still beating.”

Becoming the strong woman she is today, decided to take her big leap. Whether she fell or caught herself, she deemed it worth it and jumped.

“Someone once told me that in order to find your purpose in life, find what makes you tick and then go from there,” Childers said. “Hence The Chaos Trading Company was born. Artisans with their own story of healing have their creations here, animal adoptathons are here, art and yoga classes are here, and so is a farmers market that happens every second Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.” 

The Chaos Trading Company holds a number of different classes and workshops each month for anyone to come try and enjoy. They range from dog training, to women’s self defense, to even candle making. There are so many options, leaving one for people of any kind to try. 

“My intention is to create a place where creative outlets can be utilized and artistic expressions are showcased and celebrated. Where the extraordinary can exist and where craftsmanship can be appreciated,” Childers said. 

While there are already many options to look through when it comes to these classes and workshops, Childers is nowhere close to the end. 

“I never know what someone wants to teach and I am always open to suggestions. I really like to be able to fill the needs within the community and above anything else, create a place where people can come and find a sense of purpose. Not just somewhere where someone wants to make a sale and take their money. If I think I will be able to facilitate something that will let someone find their purpose, I’m all in. Right now we have art, yoga, self defense, and dog training classes. I have no idea what our schedule will look like come this summer and quite frankly, I am perfectly alright with that,” Childers explained. 

While there are plans to fit in more of these events, people are surely filling up the ones that are currently being held. 

“I have anywhere from 2-20 people at once. They are driving long distances from around the state to come to my place and I am getting all sorts of folks coming in from all walks of life. I love it,” Childers said. 

For more information regarding The Chaos Trading Company, check out their facebook at The Chaos Trading Company or take a trip to 166 N Texas Street, De Leon, Texas and make sure to give Sarah Childers a wave.