Meals on wheels

Favorite food trucks on Tarleton campus

Over the last few years on the Tarleton Stephenville campus, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of dining options available to students. Food trucks finally made it to campus starting in 2015 with the food truck the “Blue Avocado.” The Blue Avocado originally sold a variety of foods including everything from eggrolls to crawfish. Since 2015, there have been several more food trucks that have found a permanent spot on the Tarleton campus. The most popular ones, located by the business building, serve hundreds of students every semester. The JTAC Newspaper put out a poll to find out which food trucks students like best.  

First on the roster is Petty’s Limited Menu. Focused on mostly burgers, tater tots, and fried pies, this classic American food style food truck is a hit with students. This truck came in second place in the poll sent out.

 Next up, Shorty’s Chuckwagon, serving breakfast and lunch options, this food truck makes a great breakfast sandwich.  The Chuckwagon took third place in the online poll. Overall, these two food trucks are great options for a quick snack or a delicious meal.

Finally, the food truck with the most votes on the poll, taking first place, is Crazy Hair Coffee Co. Many students love this quirky coffee truck for its creative and delicious drinks. The most recent addition to their drinks list is the “honey vanilla cinnamon shaken espresso.” It is a delicious way to start your day, and do not forget about their bagels. Made fresh every Wednesday, they tend to run out quickly, so be sure to get one Thursday morning!

While there are lots of dining options on campus, by far the most innovative of them is the food trucks on campus. The food trucks are also taking payment in the form of dining dollars, which come with your meal plan on-campus.