New Ground, New Heights

Groundbreaking Interprofessional Education Building in Fort Worth


Lauren Carey

John Sharp, James Hurley, Beverly Powell and Craig Goldman sporting purple hard hats as they begin shoveling into a trough of purple sand. After the ceremony, guests of the groundbreaking were given glass bottles to fill with the purple “groundbreaking” sand as a way to commemorate the event.

There’s abounding excitement in the air as Dr. Hurley, among prestigious peers, enters the tent. The crowd is awaiting the word of what many say has been decades in the making. It’s time to break ground on the newest addition to Tarleton . Fort Worth campus. A brand new building, with the newest advancements in technology, bringing with it new degree paths, and room for thousands more students. 

For more than 40 years, Tarleton has had a presence in the ever-growing, ever-changing city of Fort Worth, Texas. It all started with one man, Lamar Johanson. You may recognize this name as the one which is plastered across our home science building in large print letters.  Yeah, that guy.  

In addition to this, Johanson spearheaded the movement of Tarleton nursing and medical laboratory science programs in Fort  Worth. It wasn’t until 2019, that the first building, a 3-stories tall, $41 million dollar facility was built. The building itself is off Chisholm Trail Parkway, nestled carefully in 80-acres of land bestowed upon Tarleton State University as a gift from the Walton group.
Since 2019, the original building has reached its maximum capacity for nearly 2,500 students. In the future, with the addition of the brand-new Interprofessional Education building, President Hurley hopes to spike Fort Worth attendance rates to as many as 10,000 students. The $66 million dollar Interprofessional Education building (IPE) would be able to do this and more. With plans to expand current degree programs such as kinesiology and nursing, and also to expand into speech language pathology, and occupational therapy, this do-it-all facility would bring the Tarleton community to new heights. 

When Tarleton’s 16th President, Dr. James Hurley, takes the stand, it’s an understatement to say that the room is abuzz with anticipation. It’s with keen earnestness that he speaks of the building soon to come to fruition. “

This is a true game-changer, for faculty, staff and students,” Hurley stated. “The goal is to be the leading provider of comprehensive health practitioners in the Fort Worth area,” he says. 

President Hurley is a champion of public education, and this new building is but one of his many great feats. 

Texas A&M University Chancellor, John Sharp, spoke on the brand new IPE building as well, and provided background on its funding. Its main funding comes from the Texas permanent school fund, a $48.3 billion dollar endowment intended for use by public education institutions for the further development of current and future students. He speaks adamantly about the Texas A&M commitment to the development of public education in downtown Fort  Worth. 

“Our commitment to Tarleton and Ft. Worth is unbelievable and unwavering… We are absolutely committed to the fastest growing town in the United States of America and that is Ft. Worth,” states Sharp.

It goes without saying: Tarleton is growing. A growth that will benefit thousands of students that come through its doors, and it will benefit the people those students go forth to serve. Tarleton is expanding its horizons into Fort  Worth with ambition and confidence. There is a new dawn among us, and it bleeds purple!