Tarleton to welcome new major in Fall 2022

TSU becomes one of the two peer institutions in Texas to offer B. S. in Horticulture

A new major is coming to Tarleton State University in the fall of 2022. Students will now be able to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture and Plant Sciences. The new Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Horticultural and Plant Sciences will be administered by the Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This degree has been tailored to “meet the diverse interests of TSU students and to prepare them for a career in horticulture by offering four different degree concentrations – Horticultural Science, Sustainable Agriculture and Agroecology, Horticultural Management, and Horticultural Business,”  Dr. Stuart Weiss stated. 

There will be a focus on the art, science and business of growing plants that are used for food, medicinal purposes, and aesthetic gratification (landscape design and floriculture) with special attention to horticultural cropping systems and specialty crops. 

Several new courses will be offered at Tarleton that apply to the Horticulture and Plant Sciences major, including Fundamentals of Market Gardening (HORT 2320), Regenerative Agriculture Systems (3310), and Principles of Horticultural Crop Production (HORT 4323). A Tropical Agroecology & Natural Resources study away course is currently in development (listed as HORT 4342) and will take Tarleton students on an experiential learning journey to the Caribbean island of St. Croix located in the United States Virgin Islands. Required courses vary depending upon the selected concentration for this major and could include courses in biology, chemistry, math, entomology, soils, and Wildlife and Natural Resources.

Tarleton will become one of two peer institutions in the state of Texas that offers a degree in horticulture, the other being Stephen F. Austin State University (horticulture is listed as a concentration within their Agricultural B.S.). Texas A&M offers a horticulture B.S., but is not considered a competing peer institution. 

In addition, the current horticulture minor has been revised to meet the needs of students from other academic departments. There are two options available: HRTC- Horticulture Management Minor and HRTC- Horticulture Science Minor. Both HRTC Minors require a total of 18 course credit hours that include both required and elective course selections chosen primarily from horticulture courses, but could also include 3000 level or above entomology, soils, and wildlife and natural resources courses.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Horticultural and Plant Sciences and HRTC- minor in Horticulture are beneficial for students who wish to become part of the exciting horticulture industry and gain the skills needed to be a successful horticulturist.

Questions about the program can be directed to Dr. Stuart Weiss by email at [email protected].