Research at its finest

A deep dive into the Tarleton Human Performance Lab

There are a lot of places on campus where you can find high-tech equipment as well as staff and students conducting research. In particular, you can see this view in the Human Performance Lab (HPL) in the Kinesiology building. Here, you can find over $300,000 worth of new and innovative technologies. The staff and students in this lab are currently working on neuromuscular and biomechanical analysis of exercise and sports performance. They are well versed in how to use all of their equipment, and there is a lot of equipment to be familiar with. 

Dr. Michael Luera is the Laboratory Director of the HPL and is also an assistant professor for the School of Kinesiology. When asked what the main goal of the lab was, Luera stated it was “to facilitate hands-on learning experiences not only for the School of Kinesiology, but for undergraduate and graduate students at Tarleton.” These experiences also lead to research and service opportunities, as well as collaboration with other colleges and universities. 

Every business and education-related facility has a mission statement. The HPL has two parts to its mission statement. The first part is “to train students to conduct high-quality research grounded in current methodology and state-of-the-art equipment.” This is a great mission to have in order to help Tarleton make steps towards being a campus known for its research and innovative studies. The second part of their mission statement is “to equip students to lead studies and effectively communicate findings in various mediums.” This is yet again a great mission to have to elevate Tarleton and its research. 

The HPL is a great way to impact Tarleton and the community of Stephenville as a whole. It opens a whole new world of research and benefits those who utilize the lab. “The HPL currently provides advanced assessment techniques that facilitate athletic performance, fitness and wellness, and special populations with current and ongoing health disparities,” Luera explained. 

If you have not checked out the Human Performance Lab yet, it is definitely something to add to your list. You can find it in Wisdom Gym 175. The lab equips students to do research outside of school, and Luera also challenges them to dive deeper. “Students leave the HPL equipped and inspired to continue research exploration in their future endeavors,” Luera stated. He is a great example of what it looks like to push  Tarleton in the direction of a state-of-the-art university.