Living a life that is both satisfying and productive

Tools to becoming your best self

Becoming the best version of yourself is essential to living the most productive and successful life you can live. It is easy to get complacent in your current situation and accept your life for what it is. This puts you at a standstill and can have no benefit to your day-to-day life. 

A good first step to becoming your best self is to lessen the amount of time you spend on your phone. We get so caught up on social media and other things on our phones that our day seems to fly by. You look up after being on your phone and suddenly you have lost hours of your day. Limiting our screen time can not only improve our mental health, but it can also give us time to be more productive with our days and spend our time on beneficial tasks. 

Instead of being on your phone, there are other things you can do that can possibly be a lot more beneficial to you. Exercising is a great alternative to being on your phone. It helps you feel better and will help you sleep better at night. Another alternative is reading a book or journaling. These will both allow you to use your brain and get you thinking. All three of these are productive ways to spend your time and will improve the quality of your life. 

Another good step to becoming your best self is going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. So many people stay in bed until noon, myself included. However, by staying in bed so late, we are letting the day pass us by. Getting up earlier gives us more time to get things done and helps us function better. Waking up early also helps us get into a routine, improving each day and helping us become the best version of ourselves. 

There are so many different things one can do to become the best version of themselves. These are just a few suggestions. Ultimately, becoming your best self means waking up each day ready to conquer anything that comes your way. It means to want to be better every day and understanding that every time we wake up is a new opportunity to make something of ourselves.