Bored no more

Websites to use when you are bored

Summertime can bring a lot of boredom if you have not filled your schedule with work and/or school. While you can always go hang out with your friends or go on adventures, there is also downtime when there is simply nothing to do. Well, if you like to search the web in your freedom, there are always some wacky websites you can get your hands on. Here are just a few of those wonderful  websites that you can use that can help cure your boredom. 

The first one is called The Ratchelor. This game simulates the show “The Bachelor,” on ABC. It allows participants to choose from a variety of different dates; however, there’s a catch. The game is all about rats.You get to pick from various rats to use as your avatar. Then, you get to choose seven other avatars to “date.” After doing this, you get to court the seven rats and ultimately find love. This is a very entertaining and funny concept and is a great way to keep yourself busy with a game. 

The second one is called FurtureMe. FutureMe was set up in 2002. It allows its users to write letters to themselves that will be delivered to them by email on a future date that they decide on. This is such a fun concept because you can see how much your life has changed and how much you have grown as a person since you wrote it. This is also a great way to write down anything that may be going on in your life and be able to look back and remember it. Writing is great for getting everything out on paper and improving your thinking skills. 

The last website is one that is familiar to most people. Buzzfeed has a variety of quizzes anyone can take and they are usually fun to participate in. From “Which Disney Princess Are You?” to “Which Stranger Things Character Are You Most Like?,” you will find that the quizzes will rope you in and entertain you for hours. 

There are many things to do when you are bored on a summer day, but I hope these websites will provide you with some fun and cure your boredom, at least for a little while.