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Texas FFA State Convention

Picture this: You are an incoming freshman, a new Texas FFA member, and headed to the state’s convention. You do not know what to expect, but do not mind since your friends are all with you. You and your friends are finally at the convention center and about to walk into the first session, suddenly, you are greeted with lasers, music, and thousands of other FFA members dressed exactly like you. You are overwhelmed but in a good way. It’s like one big party and you get to be there. The session finally starts with the notorious laser and light show followed by opening ceremonies from the 12 Texas FFA State Officers. In almost an instant, you have been caught in the web of inspiration and desire to be them.

The FFA Convention in any state is highly anticipated, but in Texas, as usual, it’s bigger, better, and bolder. The convention is five days long filled with five sessions, a business session, workshops, contests, etc. The 12 state officers, board members, and chairs of committees work tirelessly for an entire year to assure a great week for all the members and guests that register to be there. This year there was a record amount of over 15,000 members and guests registered. The Texas FFA Convention has now outgrown two convention centers, the first being in Corpus Christi and now the more recent, Ft. Worth Convention Center. The 2023 convention will be held in Dallas to accommodate the number of people.

To backtrack a little, the Texas FFA State Convention was possible because of the FFA’s success and ability to prosper. The FFA is more than just about farmers and ranchers, the FFA is about preparing and educating its members for the world to come. Since the establishment of the FFA in 1928, many milestones have been met. In 1932 a charter was granted to the Puerto Rico FFA Association, and in 1965 the NFA (African Americans couldn’t be in the FFA) and the FFA merged, and in 1969 women were allowed to join.

Kameryn Thompson, the Treasurer of the Teague FFA chapter stated, “We wouldn’t have clothes or food without agriculture, so I would say the FFA is one of the most important organizations to be a part of.” The FFA is a huge part of our day-to-day lives and basic needs. The FFA is not old ‘school’ either, there is technology, robotics, and A.I. (artificial intelligence) in the fields to produce the food we eat at the rate of population growth. This is the significance of the FFA; the convention is an added bonus.

So, why is this convention that important? It is fun and all, but what do members actually get out of it other than a week away from home?  “The FFA convention teaches leadership skills through the sessions and workshops. I loved getting to be in Downtown Ft. Worth too,” Gracie Smith, the Student Advisor of the Teague FFA officer team, said. These sessions could consist of keynote speakers, retiring addresses from the state officers, or any number of awards. The workshops are put on by some of the best FFA has-beens and help inspire and motivate students to be their best.

 The convention, as Gracie mentioned, is downtown so it is an incredible experience for students from small towns. Some of the members present had never been to the city before. Many opportunities are provided; this year we even had the pleasure of listening to Mike Rowe’s undeniable wisdom. The pros of the convention are truly endless and it is all that you make it.

The 2022 Texas FFA State Convention ended with the next 12 elected officers setting up workshops and planning the convention for the next year. Texas FFA has the most members of any state, so it truly takes an army to pull off such a big event. Even if you are not into the whole FFA scene, I highly recommend looking into it and seeing all the work and talent these kids put into this because of the opportunity this organization and convention give them.