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Severing the ship from the harbor

College parents and letting go

College can be one of the best times in a young adult’s life, being able to explore your interests, who you are, and the giant world around you. However, while that packed car drives off into the distance and into the great unknown, there are a few people who remain at home; waving and seeing a part of their world leave. Parents can have a hard time when students leave the nest; that separation is necessary for both parties, however, that does not mean the end of all connection between them.

A common feeling for the parents of college students is called, “Empty Nest Syndrome.” Though not a true medical condition, it still has an impact on these parents, commonly described as a feeling of not knowing what to do once their children set off to begin their own adventures. College students, in starting their new lives, often do not have the time to interact with their families as closely as they had before. It is hard to let go of a person you dedicated your life to, but it is important to step back to help these young adults grow into mature adults.

This also means treating young adults as growing people rather than young children who are still naive to the world around them. Expectations on both the parent’s and child’s behalf can be a strenuous habit to break. Learning that both the parent and the child are their own separate persons, while still being linked through familial bonds, is a necessary step in growth. Relationships can mold and change just like people.

To have a functioning society, everyone must grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow, and with that, young adults no longer need to have a dependency on their parents. Most parents wish for a brighter future for their children, and hopefully their children’s children, but not being able to sever that bond can eventually become overbearing. This can be harmful to everyone involved and can lead to hurt and issues that are passed on.

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Sink or swim, young adults have to know whether they can make it in this world, and having the metaphorical floaties on their arms is not helping them learn independence. None of this implies that you can not still have a close relationship with your children.In fact, getting to see someone 

flourish into an adult who can become a part of their society is an amazing privilege.

College allows an opportune time for not just young adults to find themselves, but for parents to rediscover themselves as individuals, being able to be both a parent and person with their own interests and ideals. Letting your children go can be hard on both the child and the parent, and it may cause stress and anxiety about the past and future. However, letting go is a part of life, and once that ship has finally sailed off into the great ocean, it can come back to the harbor anew.

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