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Study abroad in Prague

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Prague Study Abroad

Studying Abroad provides students with the opportunity for new experiences, exposure to different cultures, and the ability to cultivate passions. Over the summer, several students from the Tarleton State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources got to expand on these three main points through their study abroad trip to Prague. Speaking with College of Agriculture and Natural Resources students, Turner Hughes and Mady Horton, it becomes abundantly clear how life altering and impactful this trip was for all students in attendance. 

Hughes, a senior agriculture services and development student, expressed that he chose to attend the 17 day long study abroad trip to Prague because it not only allowed him to create long-lasting memories, but also gave him “the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the agriculture industry across the globe as well as gain more intercultural sensitivity.” 

Horton, a junior agriculture communications student, mentioned that she chose the Prague study abroad trip because she knew it would allow her to expand on her passion for traveling while also providing her with the unique opportunity to “specifically study agriculture” while also having the ability to learn about what she loves, “just in a different location.”

Hughes and Horton claim that throughout their trip they had the privilege to experience family run farms and dairies as well as tour various factories that play an important role in providing to the Czech Republic agriculture industry. Both students speak highly of their experiences exploring the agricultural economy of the Czech Republic with assistance of a few professors from their host school, The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. 

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Both students express that the study abroad trip provided for a vast variety of opportunities, allowing for every student to experience something of their interest. 

Horton shares that her favorite experience from the trip was touring a Czech Republic dairy. She states that she loved the opportunity to “go to a dairy in the Czech Republic and compare it to a Texas dairy facility!”

 Hughes mentions that his favorite experience was exploring the town of Karlovy Vary. 

“It was such a small, unique town that was booming with life. Every Corner had a little store allowing you to see what Czech culture is like.” Hughes stated. 

The study abroad trip to Prague provided students with the ability to gain more experience within the agriculture industry as well as the opportunity to grow their knowledge on the extensive world of agriculture. Horton states that if you are considering going on this trip you should simply just “go.” It was completely worth every second and dollar spent” she claims.

 Hughes offers the advice of using this trip to “gain experiences as well as build everlasting relationships and memories.” Both students wanted to be sure to thank Dr. Frazier for all of his hard work planning and putting together their once in a lifetime trip. 

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